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In 2011, Pardee Hospital provided $20.9 million in community benefits that impacted the lives of our community in many ways.

The American Hospital Association and the North Carolina Hospital Association, as well as the Internal Revenue Service, provide specific guidelines to hospitals and health systems about how they report community benefit activities to the public annually in an accountable and transparent way. Pardee's reporting of these guidelines is as follows and may also be found on www.ncha.org.

Community-building Activities: $454,000

To enhance Pardee's ability to address community health care and physicians needs.

Community Health Improvement Services: $701,000

These outreach activities are to improve community health, but are not specifically related to hospital services; services included heath education materials and programs.

Cash & In-kind Contributions: $1,717,000

To community organizations with health care-related programs, research and health profession education.

Unreimbursed Costs: $7,934,000

Treating Medicare and Medicaid patients; these payments to hospitals generally are less than the actual cost of care.

Uncompensated Care: $10,001,000

Includes the cost of treating charity care patients and bad debt. While most businesses have the ability to turn away patrons who cannot or do not pay for services, community hospitals do not have that ability and provide services to all emergency patients regardless of ability to pay.