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Radiology Services

Pardee's Radiology Services provides state-of-the-art technology and high quality care in the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of medical conditions on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.

Imaging Services

Pardee's Radiology Services offers a full-range of comprehensive diagnostic imaging services, utilizing the most advanced technology and skilled radiologists to help detect, prevent and treat diseases. Pardee Hospital has been awarded three-year terms of accreditation in MRI and CT as a result of a recent survey by the American College of Radiology (ACR). Referring physicians are able to view patient images and reports via a secured Internet system PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System), providing physicians with the most technologically advanced tools for quicker diagnosis.

Available Services include:

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Computerized Tomography (CT/CAT) Scan
  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scan
  • Radiography (X-ray)
  • Ultrasound
  • 3D Mammography
  • Angiography
  • Bone Densitometry Testing
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Interventional Radiology
  • Advanced Non-invasive Vascular Imaging (CTA/MRA)
  • Nuclear Medicine

MRI Caring Suite

If you associate MRI scans with anxiety, stress or claustrophobia, our new MRI Caring Suite will put your mind at ease. The new suite allows you to personalize your MRI experience so you can feel comfortable and relaxed during your scan.

Our MRI Caring Suite is equipped with:

  • A new wide-bore MRI machine, which has a wider opening, accommodates up to 500 pounds and can ease your anxiety if you typically experience claustrophobia during MRI scans
  • Silent scanning technology for a quieter, more relaxing experience
  • A 70-inch high-definition video display mounted on the ceiling above the MRI table, so you can watch calming videos or your favorite movie while outside the MRI bore
  • Surround-sound speakers so you can listen to the music of your choice or a variety of soothing sounds during the scan
  • An array of colored LED lights to illuminate the room for a more peaceful atmosphere

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 828-698-7979.


3D Mammography

Pardee Hospital is excited to bring 3D mammography to Western North Carolina. A 3D mammography exam allows doctors to examine your breast tissue layer by layer. Instead of viewing all of the complexities of your breast tissue in a flat image, as with traditional mammography, fine details are more visible and no longer hidden by the tissue above or below. It is clinically proven to detect 41% more invasive breast cancers and reduce false positives by up to 40%, decreasing the number of women asked to return for additional testing or biopsies.

A 3D mammography exam is very similar to having a traditional mammogram. There is no additional compression required with the exam, and it only takes a few seconds.

To schedule an appointment, please call 828.698.7979.



A radiologist diagnoses diseases by supervising and interpreting medical images. The radiologists at Pardee Hospital are part of Hendersonville Radiological Consultants.


Our Radiology Services has two locations to provide medical imaging services. Your physician should let you know where your exam will take place.

Kayden Center

807 North Justice St.
(located directly across the street from the hospital's main entrance)
Walk-in patients who need routine X-rays are welcome at this location. Parking is available near the center.

Radiology Department, Pardee Hospital

800 North Justice St.
(located on the first floor of the hospital)
Parking is available in the hospital's parking garage.

If you're unsure of the location for your exam, please contact your physician's office or call the Radiology Scheduling office at (828) 698-7978 or (828) 698-7979.