Healthy Tips

Be Proactive.

For each milestone in your life, there are changes that your body goes through. Being aware of these changes and screenings you can take throughout your life can help you identify and manage your health better.

Use this worksheet as a reminder of important tests that apply to you, and be sure to discuss these tests with your physician so you can remain proactive in your health.



Be A Well Woman.

What does it mean to be a well woman? It's a state of mind. It's being as healthy as you can be. And, most importantly, it's about taking steps to improve your physical and mental health:

  1. Visit a health care professional to receive regular checkups and preventive screenings.
  2. Get active.
  3. Eat healthy.Pay attention to mental health, including getting enough sleep and managing stress.
  4. Avoid unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking, texting while driving, and not wearing a seatbelt or bicycle helmet.

Use this guide to help you stay well.



Know The Facts. 

Within the last decade, younger people were diagnosed with hearing loss. But did you know that everyday activities may be impacting the quality of your hearing? Listening to loud music with earbuds or headsets or going to concerts can damageyour hearing, but so could blow-drying your hair or mowing the lawn.

Read more about hearing loss and how you can prevent hearing loss at a young age, and speak to your health care provider if you are concerned about hearing loss.



It's All In The Genes.

Below are simple questions you can ask your family members to determine your risks for certain diseases or conditions. knowing you are predisposed to a certain condition gives you ample opportunity to be regularly tested as well as to do all you can to take precautions against the development of a genetic disease.



The Big Four: Tdap, MCV4, HPV and Flu.

Is your preteen or teenager up to date on their vaccines? As your physician about these potentially lifesaving vaccinations today.


Does your overactive bladder affect your quality of life?

An overacting bladder can be a challenge to manage, but we have a few tips that may help. It's important to discuss these issues with your primary care physician or gynecologist, who may request a referral to a urologist.



Your foot is a complex system of bones, ligaments, nerves, and muscles that work together to enable you to walk, run, and do whatever it is that you enjoy.

One wrong move can throw everything out of balance. Speak to your primary care physician if you are having problems or concerns with your feet.



Foods deemed "healthy" pack a surprising amount of sugar into a small package.

Learn how to monitor your intake of these foods and control your blood glucose levels today.



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