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Pardee Hospital Listed Among the Most Affordable Hospitals in North Carolina

Pardee Hospital was recently ranked as the sixth most affordable hospital in North Carolina by independent consumer financial advisor, NerdWallet. This ranking looked at the highest number of affordable treatments along with patient satisfaction to compile rankings. The University of North Carolina Hospitals, a Pardee affiliate also placed ninth on this distinguished list. Pardee was one of only two hospitals within western North Carolina, the other being MedWest-Haywood.

Alan House, Chief Financial Officer at Pardee Hospital, commented, "Every hospital strives to be recognized for both quality and affordability. Pardee Hospital has shown that it is dedicated to providing the best value to patients in western North Carolina."

NerdWallet had the following remarks about Pardee Hospital, "This non-profit's commitment to high standards of care and cost efficiency yields a patient satisfaction rate of 73 percent. Pardee provides affordable treatments for pacemaker implantation, diagnostic cardiac catheterization and heart rhythm disorders. It was the first and only hospital in North Carolina to be accredited for quality care by the International Organization for Standardization."

NerdWallet assists consumers nationwide with comparative data that allows for more informed decisions, and their "Best Hospitals" tool is getting attention as price transparency becomes more prominent. For a list of the top ten hospitals, visit NerdWallet.

Using CMS Medicare Provider Charge Data, NerdWallet calculated which of the 50 largest hospitals in North Carolina (of 88 total) has the lowest price for each of the 100 most common medical procedures. They then summed the number of times that each hospital had the lowest price and ranked based on which hospitals had the highest number. The data are for services billed for Medicare patients. Patient satisfaction ratings were obtained from HCAHPS, a nationally administered survey on patient satisfaction. "Satisfied" was taken to be patients who reported, "I would definitely recommend this hospital" on this survey.

NerdWallet offers an unbiased ranking of data collected, in a clear and easy to understand format. NerdWallet offers financial guidance on finance, investing, education shopping and health care. NerdWallet has been recognized as a "Best For Your Health" in Kiplinger's best financial products for consumers catagory. It has received recognition by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for their "Best Hospitals" application that helps consumers understand health prices and quality together. It has also been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN Money, Reuters and MSN Money.

To view the rankings please visit Nerdwallet at: http://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/health/2014/02/18/best-hospitals-north-carolina/


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Pardee Hospital Receives NC Stroke Care Collaborative Grant

Pardee Hospital is pleased to be the recipient of a $16,000 grant from the North Carolina Stroke Care Collaboration (NCSCC) to be used for funding staff education for Advanced Stroke Life Support. The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services reports that North Carolina is included in the "Stroke Belt," an area in the southeastern United States that has a significantly higher incidence of stroke than the rest of the country. The NCSCC states that the age-adjusted stroke death rate in North Carolina in 2007 was approximately 19 percent higher than the United States rate.


In 2012, Pardee Hospital was designated as the first Stroke Capable Hospital in Henderson County by the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services. This will allow Pardee to continue to serve Henderson County and prevent stroke related deaths within the region.


This grant was awarded to Pardee Hospital as a result of the efforts of Gayle Sams, Emergency Department Service Director. Denise Lucas, Vice President of Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Officer for Pardee Hospital stated, "We are fortunate to have passionate leaders who seek opportunities to advance Pardee Hospital's capacity to provide excellent care. The training that will be supported by this grant will continue to build the knowledge and skills of our team members to be the best in the region."


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports the age-adjusted (ages 35+) stroke death rates in North Carolina to be 50.3 in 100,000. Henderson County has a stroke death rate of 43.7 in 100,000, while Rutherford County has 64.9 and Transylvania is at 53.2. These death rates are alarmingly higher than the United States average.

The North Carolina Stroke Care Collaborative is part of a national effort to reduce the incidence of death and disability caused by stroke. The NCSCC assesses the use of best practice guidelines for stroke treatment by conducting real-time data collection on stroke treatment within North Carolina hospitals. Using these data, hospitals are able to measure and improve the quality of patient care, according to information from the collaborative's web site.

The goals of the North Carolina Stroke Care Collaborative are to:
• Evaluate the current state of stroke care in North Carolina
• Facilitate quality of stroke care improvements in North Carolina hospitals
• Build a foundation for a state-wide stroke registry

The key to averting some of the more debilitating effects of a stroke is to get immediate medical attention at the first sign of a stroke. Warning signs may include:
• Sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the body
• Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding
• Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes
• Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination
• Sudden, severe headache with no known cause

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Total Hip Replacement: Truth and Fiction

Total Hip Replacement: Truth and Fiction Modern techniques for minimally invasive hip replacement Pardee’s Center for Orthopedics will present “Total Hip Replacement: Truth and Fiction” Wednesday, March 26, 12:30 - 1:30 p.m. at the Pardee Signature Care Center, located in the Blue Ridge Mall. Edward G. Lilly III, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon from Blue Ridge Bone & Joint, will discuss modern techniques for a minimally invasive hip replacement.

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Using Excercise to Battle Cancer

Lori Hart, MSPT, will present information on the STAR cancer program on Thursday March 20 at 1 p.m. As a STAR certified clinician, Lori will be covering topics related to exercising safely, how to feel like you did before the cancer diagnosis and what it means to be treated by a STAR trained Clinician. Register today by calling 692-4600. Want to talk to Lori before the talk? She will be at Day of Dance tomorrow. Come out to the Blue Ridge Mall and learn more about the STAR program. For more information on the STAR program, watch this feature from WLOS on Pardee Hospital's Star program. http://wlos.com/shared/community/features/health-alert/stories/wlos_star-program-300.shtml

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Navigation Station

The Pardee Signature Care Center will be hosting Pardee Hospital's Comprehensive Wound and Hyperbaric Center. Anne Sweeney, Program Director, will be on-site to help you 'navigate' through wound care, and provide information on how comprehensive wound care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy can facilitate healing diabetic foot ulcers, surgical wounds or radiation injury.

Wed., Mar. 12, 12 – 2 p.m. at Pardee Signature Care Center.

This is a drop-in event with no registration required.

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