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"...thank all Pardee personnel..."

"My wife, had day surgery at Pardee on Wednesday, January 12th. Due to problems after the surgery, she was then admitted to the hospital and assigned a room on 2-West. I would like to thank all Pardee personnel, both in Day Surgery and on 2-West, who participated in her care. We were extremely impressed with the quality of care she received and with the professionalism and caring attitude of all of the medical staff. This is especially true of the the nursing staff, who were, to a person, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and caring. We were truly impressed with each and every one of them and with Pardee in general." Sincerely, R. Flat Rock, NC

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Lighten Up 4 Life winners

The winning Pardee Lighten Up 4 Life team was highlighted in the Citizen-Times on Saturday. Click here to read the story. Click here to sign up for Lighten Up 4 Life, and explore the secrets to successful weight loss.
  1. Make gradual changes. In other words, don’t try to do too much too soon. Start by finding out how many calories you need to lose 1 – 2 pounds a week. Then count your daily calories to make sure you stay within that range.
    1. Use Lighten Up 4 Life’s A Calorie Needs Calculator to figure out the correct amount of calories for your age, height and weight.
  2. Add exercise gradually. Start by walking 30 minutes three times a week and then increase slowly to more time or days. If you try to do too much too soon you might set yourself up for failure.
  3. Make it public. If you announce to your team mates, friends and family that you are going to lose weight and become healthier you will be more accountable to your goals. You will most likely gain support from your team and your family.
    1. Put your goals or challenge your team to a 5K on Lighten Up 4 Life’s Facebook Page. Once it is out there for everyone to see you’re more likely to do it!
  4. Allow for failure. No one can be perfect all the time. You’re going to mess up occasionally. The trick is to keep going. Don’t allow one cookie or missed workout to make you lose confidence in yourself. Just start again. It all adds up in the long run and one mess up doesn't have to stop you from succeeding!
  5. Buddy Up. Eat lunch with people who are trying to lose weight too. You can help each other to stay on track. Plus once a week bring in a healthy, low calorie dish to share.

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New Comprehensive Cancer Center at Pardee Commercial on air

Our new Cancer Commercial went live on TV this month. It features one of our patients and our medical staff and technology. We are proud  that The Comprehensive Cancer Center at Pardee is accredited with commendation by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer. The center offers a full range of advanced treatment and diagnostic services performed by highly qualified cancer specialists. Our services include surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, advanced radiology and laboratory diagnostic support and clinical treatment trials. We have community education programs, cancer screenings, support groups and holistic patient and family support are also available. Three of our cancer doctors were named the Best in North Carolina as well. Not too shabby.

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"My son raved about this ER doc..."

We received this message today from a patient's mother, good job Dr. McCarty! "There is a message for a Gregory McCarty MD, located in the Emergency Department. From: Michael's Mom Message: My son was in the ER this morning for an ear canal furuncle and was in miserable pain! Dr McCarty saw him within minutes, lanced the cyst and the relief was instantaneous! My son raved about this ER doc so, as his mom, I can't thank you enough! Everything about Dr. McCarty was great, per Michael!"

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Mix 96.5 - Health & Wellness Tip #2

Have you seen the new Mix 96.5 Health & Wellness Series brought to you by Pardee Hospital?  Each week a new tip will be shared. Check it out online, listen at work, while you’re driving, or sign up for At-Work Perks and have tips emailed directly to you. Don’t forget to check out the community calendar, too.

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