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Words of thanks - Pardee Home Care

Pardee Home Care recently received thank you notes from pleased patients who benefited from their services.  Since these patients took the time to thank the staff of Pardee Home Care, we would like to take time to share their words of thanks with the readers of our blog. "To whom it may concern, I thank God with all my heart for sending me Jennifer, Mike, Luke, LeeAnn, Gloria, Laurie, Celeste, and Jeff. Thanks to these exceptional people, I still need my walker, but so what? I can now get in and out of bed, the bathroom, cook and do the laundry and light cleaning. I can do normal things now. They are on a mission to help people  and I am thankful always." - Bruce B. Burns "All of you were so very helpful to me. You were always on time and very pleasant to have around. I will recommend you to any of my friends that need the type of services you provide. Excellent work and thank you so much for your superior quality of care." - Dovie H. Steppe (Joint Camper) Pardee Home Care offers a full range of in-home services provided by registered nurses, rehab specialists, social workers and home health aids. To find out more about the services offered at Pardee Home Care call  (828) 692-1846.

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Cafeteria Renovation :: Update

The cafeteria construction project is on schedule. The construction walls between the Patient Tower elevators & Orthopedics on the ground floor have been taken down. The alternate exit path signage from the elevator entrances and hallways has been removed. Ground floor access to Orthopedics is now completely open. The demolition phase is complete and construction has begun. Here are a few photos of where the construction process is currently: [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]

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Santa stops by Pardee

Santa made a stop at Pardee to visit with patients one evening before things got too busy at his workshop.  Here are a few photos from his visit.  You never know when he might stop by again! [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]

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Thank you - Pardee Auxiliary Volunteers

The many decorations you see throughout the hospital come from the help of our wonderful volunteers. The Pardee Auxiliary volunteers decorate eleven trees each year. These trees are located at the main entrance, lobby, admitting, radiology, rehab, day surgery, the ICU waiting area, the Women & Children’s center, orthopedics, the ED and the Comprehensive Wound Center. The volunteers give additional time to decorate the trees each year. In addition to the Pardee Auxiliary, the Land of Sky Garden Club sends volunteers to decorate behind the information desk in the main lobby, setting up trees next to the elevators on the ground floor and decorating the atrium on the way to radiology. Many hours are donated to ensure Pardee is decorated and festive each year. We would like to take a moment and thank those who are a part of making this happen. We appreciate your time and hard work.

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Slim down this holiday season

Lighten Up 4 Life is your community weight-loss challenge. Start the new year off right with Lighten Up 4 Life! It’s about more than losing inches and pounds; it’s about living a healthier life. And when you join as a team, studies have proven that you have better results. Here you’ll find all the resources you need to be successful, but it’s up to you to make the commitment. Next 16-week session begins Jan. 3. Click here to join. The Pardee Rehab and Wellness Center along with the Pardee Health Education Center offers several classes and options to help you and your Lighten Up 4 Life team to keep off the pounds this holiday season. Click here to see a calendar of events and classes. When you don't have time for a class, every little bit of activity counts toward balancing out calories eaten. Here are some general numbers to spark your interest: High burn activities (per 30 min): Mild stretching/yoga - 85 calories Ice skating - 238 calories Sledding - 238 calories Shoveling snow - 238 calories Decorating a Christmas tree - 85 calories Shopping - 78 calories Baking/food preparation (no munching) - 136 calories Unloading the car - 102 calories Low burn activities (per 30 min): Writing Christmas cards - 61 calories Reading/sitting - 44 calories Standing in line holding items - 68 calories Wrapping gifts - 51 calories Socializing/standing - 61 calories Playing cards - 51 calories Slim down this holiday season and supplement your weekly activities with time at the Pardee Rehab and Wellness Center and the Pardee Health Education Center. For questions or general wellness information, contact Emily Van Eman, Medical Wellness Coordinator at (828) 698-6774. The Pardee Rehab and Wellness Center is located at 212-B Thompson Street in Hendersonville beside Epic Theatres. For questions regarding classes at the Pardee Health Education Center call 1-866-790-WELL.  The Pardee Health Education Center is located in the Blue Ridge Mall on Four Seasons Boulevard.

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