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Take Time, Take Charge

[caption id="attachment_1264" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Maridee Spearman, M.D."][/caption] Menopause – Unraveling the Mystery of Hormones Menopause is truly a confusing time for a woman and despite medical science, hormones remain quite mysterious.  At Take Time, Take Charge - an event for all women, Dr. Maridee Spearman, a board certified OB/GYN, will delve into the topic of menopause.  She will explain how to know if you are menopausal or in perimenopause, the symptoms for each and the role of lab tests.  Dr. Spearman will also discuss Hormone Replacement Therapy in depth and the recommended screenings for women.   Maridee Spearman, M.D., a board-certified OB/GYN with Pardee OB/GYN Associates in Hendersonville, received her medical degree from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. She completed an OB/GYN residency at the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque. She is on the associate medical staff at Pardee Hospital and a MAHEC faculty member.  Prior to joining Pardee, Dr. Spearman served as an OB hospitalist at Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque, N.M., and as a staff OB/GYN physician at Lovelace Sandia Women’s Health in Albuquerque.   Pardee OB/GYN Associates is a part of the Center for Women’s Health at Pardee and is affiliated with MAHEC and the UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine. By teaching resident physicians and participating in continuing education programs, physicians are continually learning the latest medical advancements and treatments.   To register for Take Time, Take Charge call 1-866-790-WELL.

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September Events at Pardee

Pardee has a lot of exciting and informative events coming up for the month of September. Dr. David Napoli will be speaking on Osteoarthritis of the Hand and the Wrist on September 21.  Also the week of September 20 is Active Aging Week.  Stop by the Health Education Center in the Blue Ridge Mall for a week of events.  As always, we have health and fitness classes, support groups, health screenings and parenting classes.  On September 17, Pardee is hosting "Take Time, Take Charge," an event for all women at the Biltmore Hilton.  Find out more information by calling 1-866-790-WELL or visit our other blog posts. To register for any of our events, call 1-866-790-WELL (9355).

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Pardee Psychiatric and Medical Detoxification Expand Services

On Sept. 1, Pardee Hospital’s Psychiatric and Medical Detoxification units will expand into one comprehensive unit inside the hospital.  As a result of this expansion, the patients who struggle with mental illness and/or substance dependence will benefit from the structured group setting in which the existence of the group is a key force in the outcome of treatment. “This comprehensive unit will allow patients to take advantage of the combined skills of the psychiatric and medical detox staff,” said Pat Ashe, chief nursing officer. The expanded services will be recognized as PATHS at Pardee (Psychiatric Addictions Therapeutic Healing Services).  In addition to the formation of this new unit, Pardee psychiatric and medical detoxification is expanding to include Outpatient Psychiatric Services.  This will be a specialty clinic focused primarily on the psychiatric and substance abuse needs of patients referred by their primary care physicians. Referrals for outpatient clinic services can be made by calling (828) 694-4545.  PATHS referrals can be made by calling (828) 696-4250.  Referrals can be made by mental health providers, physicians, nurse practitioners or emergency departments.

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Pardee Welcomes Primary Care Physician, Magdalena Michael

Pardee Hospital is proud to announce that Magdalena Michael, M.D., a family practice physician, recently joined its medical staff, and is currently accepting new patients at Pardee Hendersonville Family Health Center. Dr. Michael received her medical degree from East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tenn.  She completed her residency at UCLA Family Medicine Residency in Santa Monica, Calif. Dr. Michael is interested in the full spectrum of family medicine including pediatrics, low-risk obstetrics, contraception, women’s health, prevention and wellness.  She is originally from Asheville and recently moved back to the area. Dr. Michael enjoys hiking, cooking and the outdoors. She serves on the active medical staff at Pardee Hospital and is a faculty member at the Hendersonville MAHEC Family Medicine Residency Program. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Michael, call (828) 696-1234. “I’m glad to back in the mountains of Western North Carolina and am excited to join the Pardee medical community. Pardee has a great reputation for quality services and I am excited to be part of the team,” said Michael. -CJP

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Pardee's Bear- "The Many Paths to Wellness" is back on top, but not by much.

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite downtown bear at the Downtown Hendersonville website - http://www.downtownhendersonville.org/index.php/component/poll/19-bear. Votes are tallied for the People’s Choice Award. The Pardee sponsored bear is leading the polls but only by a little. The bear – "The Many Paths to Wellness" was painted by the mother-daughter artist team of Barbara Hipwell and Connie Vlahoulis. The bear is located in front of the historic courthouse on Main Street. -CJP

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