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Dr. Radford "puckers up" for a good cause

[gallery link="file" order="DESC"] The Relay for Life team at Hendersonville Hemotology & Oncology used their physician's to creatively help raise money for the American Cancer Society's Relay coming up at the end of May. The fundraiser was set up by having buckets with each of their physician's names on them, and the doctor with the most money in their bucket at the end of the fundraiser would have to the kiss a cow brought in by one of their patients' local cow farms, Three Arrows Cattle Company, out of Flat Rock.  The idea for the fundraiser came from Dr. John K. Hill, II who finished dead last in the competition, something he was actually excited about. Dr. William D. Medina and Dr. James Radford went back and forth throughout the competition and finally Dr. Radford came out the winner by a little over $66. The lucky lady was Molly, a calf born in February, her mom, Maria, was originally the cow Dr. Radford was going to kiss, but she was scared off by his lipstick he applied prior to puckering up. Molly gladly stepped in and took a sweet kiss on her nose from Dr. Radford with his pinkish red lipstick in front of a small crowd of family, patients, and staff of the Hendersonville Hemotology & Oncology office. Dr. Radford was happy to be a part of a good cause and Molly was delighted to get off the farm for a few hours and some extra attention. -L

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Bearfootin' begins in downtown Hendersonville

[gallery link="file" order="DESC"] The Pardee bear, "The Many Paths of Wellness", as well as 12 other bears have taken over Main Street in Hendersonville. "Bearfootin' in Hendersonville 2010" is celebrating its eighth year as the premier public art exhibit in Western North Carolina. The exhibit is open now and will continue through Saturday, October 23. On this day the adorned bears will gather at the Historic Courthouse at noon for music, food, fun, and a public auction of the bears. A percentage of every winning bid will go to a local charity designated by the winning bidder. Over the past seven years, the auctions have raised over $129,387 for local Henderson County charities. The Pardee bear can be found at the corner of Main Street and 2nd Avenue. We would like to extend a special thank you to artists, Constance Vlahoulis "The Conn-Artist" and her mother, Barbara Hipwell, for painting the Pardee bear for 2010. Be sure to stop by and check out each of the bears and the amazing artistry and creativity that went into the making of each of these pieces of art. You can even take a photo with your favorite bear, don't worry, they won't bite!  To view a map of the location of the bears click here. New to this years' exhibit is an online voting poll where a "People's Choice" award will be given out.  To vote for your favorite bear, click here. -L

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Edward Critikos does Eagle Scout project at Pardee Hospital

Edward Critikos, a 16-year old junior at Hendersonville High School has been very busy the past few weeks making the grounds of Pardee pretty. He is a Life Scout with Boy Scout Troop 628 based out of First Baptist Church in Hendersonville. “I started with the Cub Scouts in first grade. It has been a long journey,” says Edward. Edward is working on becoming an Eagle Scout. He has 19 merit badges to date and only needs two more to receive this honor. After volunteering on Pardee’s orthopedic unit last summer Edward felt like he could spruce up some of the landscaping outside the unit. He spent the next five months planning a project to do just that. After many meetings with Craig Franks from Pardee Hospital's Engineering Department and Hope Reynolds, Pardee Hospital's Director of Human Resources he had a plan to landscape the outdoor corridor leading to the unit. “I really enjoyed working on the orthopedics unit. The staff and patients were all so nice. I wanted to do an Eagle Scout project that somehow gave back to them,” says Edward. Edward spent two Saturdays with six of his fellow Scouts weeding and strategically planting dozens of plants and shrubs. Pine straw was added as a final touch. If Edward’s name sounds familiar it is because he is the son of John P. Critikos II of Hendersonville Cardiology Associates. [caption id="attachment_645" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Edward Critikos stands by his Eagle Scout project at Pardee Hospital"][/caption] Edward thanked Pardee Hospital for their support and the following vendors for donating plants and pine straw for his project; Allen Martin and Joe McCrary, Home Depot, Garden Gate Nursery, Ace Hardware and Raymond’s Nursery. -CJP

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Pardee now offers cardiac scans with advanced 64 slice low dose scanner

Pardee has a new 64 slice LightSpeed® VCT XT configured system from GE Healthcare which delivers high quality images of the brain and heart with improved resolution and a lowered radiation dose. “The addition of the GE LightSpeed VCT XT configured system complements and extends the range of quality diagnostic services that Pardee offers the community,” said Edna Mulenex, director of radiology at Pardee. “This scanner provides us with vastly improved image quality and imaging speed, and allows us to scan patients with less radiation dose while still delivering excellent image quality. Some patients present special challenges when undergoing CT testing. Now, even those who thought CT was inaccessible can be easily imaged and diagnosed,” Mulenex added. CT exams are used when people are ill or injured, or when a physician suspects a medical problem that is not easily detectable from a conventional physical examination. The GE LightSpeed VCT XT configured system non-invasively assists physicians in the diagnosis of a variety of anatomical areas. Coronary CT angiograms can help non-invasively determine whether fatty deposits or calcium deposits have built up in the coronary arteries and significant narrowing of the major coronary arteries. Calcium-scoring screening heart scans can also be performed to detect calcium deposits found in atherosclerotic plaque in the coronary arteries. The calcium-score heart scan can be used to evaluate risk for future coronary artery disease.

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French Broad River Classique Canoe - Race Day

We were listening to the weather the whole way driving to the 2010 French Broad Classique Canoe Race. With approaching weather the race went off without a hitch and the rain held on for pretty much the whole event. As a sponsor of this race, it was made evident to us by the participants, as to how important health and wellness is and how fun it can be. There were folks as young as 15 to people in their 70s. We saw national record holders, an author and everyone in between. It was a close nit group that shared in the passion for the sport of paddling. We will post some interviews soon, but check out the photos below and you'll find an amazing culture of athletes, families, and friends that all find wellness from good exercise, the outdoors, and fun.

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