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Foundation Makes Plans for 2010

For 2010, we have some new ideas that will spark our donors’ and community interest in the programs and services at Pardee.   Our new “Making Rounds” program will bring donors in to see behind-the-scenes areas of interest--like a tour of renovations that are planned or in progress, an operating room to see specific surgical equipment, and meeting hospital administrators they may not otherwise have contact.  A reception thanking our physicians is long in the making to let them know we share their vision and investment in our patients.   A revised Donor Gala format, with entertainment, will bring some amusement into the usual round of community events.  One of our top initiatives in 2010 will be raising the funds for the Orthopedic Renovation that is underway.  You will often see us guiding tours of individuals through the hospital.  And, we will continue with luncheons that provide education and resources for our donors and community about Pardee, philanthropy and healthcare.  In total, we will raise $2.3 million in 2010. Check back for updates on this and other Foundation news!

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Feed the hungry Pound for Pound

I just checked out the Pound for Pound website.  General Mills, Subway and other corporate partners have taken the lead in helping out the hungry with the Pound for Pound program.  For every pound you lose, they have agreed to donate 14 cents to go to Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic charitable hunger-relief organization, and local food agencies like MANNA FoodBank.  Lighten Up 4 Life , the community weight loss program sponsored by Pardee Hospital, is proud to be a part of this Pound for Pound challenge.  Go to the Lighten Up 4 Life site to find out more about this program, and how you can help feed the hungry while losing weight.  -CJP

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Congrats to the Material Girls!

Recently Pardee Hospital and Henderson County’s first community-oriented weight-loss program, Lighten Up 4 Life (LU4L), awarded Team Material Girls for achieving their weight loss goals.  Team Material Girls won the Pardee LU4L first trimester with a 6.5% (50.5 lbs) total weight loss.  Team Material Girls is comprised of Sandy Camp, Pam Guy, Shelby Gaillard and Tabitha Calloway.  I know each of the members of this team.  They all work in the hospital's Materials Management Dept.  I took their photo right after they were each presented with a $150 VISA check card.  I am on a LU4L team as well, but we didn't do as good as expected.  However, it was the holidays and we will trudge on!  We hope to do better the next LU4L trimester which kicks off this week. See the news article here. -CJP

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Pardee's new birth suite feels like home

After recently visiting the new birth suite in the Pardee Women & Children’s Center, I can honestly say that I forgot I was in a hospital. The décor is absolutely beautiful and looks more like someone's home or an upscale hotel. This newly renovated birth suite was designed for healthy, low risk mothers and babies. The suite is large enough to accommodate family involvement and support people. It is equipped with a full sized bed instead of a hospital bed, a garden tub, birth ball and stool. Each mother receives careful guidance from a certified lactation consultant in the first few hours after birth to breastfeed and bond with their newest family member. Best of all, a relaxing massage session is offered after delivery. The Pardee Women & Children’s Center is committed to facilitating exceptional birth experiences, providing personal attention and delivering the highest quality of care. Feel free to give them a call for a tour at (828) 696-4230. -AVS

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What is PardeeGreen anyway?

Pardee is a charter member of Practice Greenhealth.  Practice Greenhealth is a nonprofit organization founded on the principals of positive environmental stewardship.  As a member of Practice Greenhealth, we are committed to the virtual elimination of mercury, overall waste reductions, minimizing the use of toxic substances and the design, construction and operation of healthcare facilities that significantly improve the collective impact of human and environmental health. The other aspect of this initiative is evident in all of our decision making  for the hospital. After all, we consider ourselves the community's hospital, so whenever we print marketing pieces they are FSC certified 100% recycled. We recycle cans, bottles, internal papers and pretty much everything else that we can get our hands on. If you have any recommendations or ideas, let us know. We have some interesting projects in the works, stay tuned. -R

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