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Pardee Foundation Presents $1 Million to Pardee Hospital in Honor of 60th Anniversary

Pardee Hospital Foundation presented a check for $1 million to Pardee Hospital on Wednesday, April 17, at the Cedars of Hendersonville in honor and celebration of its 60 years of continued health care services to Henderson County and the surrounding areas.

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When Pardee Hospital Foundation was established in 1996, Pardee Hospital invested $1 million to assist in their efforts to run a charitable foundation that could make a difference in the health care needs of the community.

"With this generous investment, we began to realize interest income, and we began to raise money with the help of so many people in this room," said Dr. Colin Thomas, founding member of Pardee Hospital Foundation. "I had no idea when we stared this conversation 18 years ago that we would have raised millions of dollars and services for thousands of people at Pardee Hospital. Thank you for your support and encouragement in those early years, and congratulations to the foundation to be where you are today."

The foundation and Pardee have worked in partnership over the past 18 years to raise money to pay for capital purchases, renovations and specials needs of the hospital. The foundation has given $20 million to Pardee for countless initiatives, construction and capital projects including:

$1.1 million in 1997 for nursing facility and hospice house$5.1 million for emergency department renovations $2.3 million for surgery expansion$600,000 for renovations for orthopedic center10,000 women who have benefitted from free mammograms through Women Helping Women

"The time is right for us to celebrate Pardee's 60th anniversary and return the initial $1 million they invested in us as we were getting started in the community," adds Ryan Harman, President of Pardee Hospital Foundation Board. "To our donors here tonight, we could not have done this without your help over the years – your gifts have helped us grow our portfolio and make significant contributions to Pardee Hospital. Your investment in us and your partnership with us has been a vital element in our success over the years and we are proud to make this donation back to the hospital leadership."

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Pardee Hospital Foundation exceeds campaign goal for Women Helping Women Fund

Pardee Hospital Foundation’s 2012 Women Helping Women campaign raised more than $130,000 to help patients who cannot afford vital health care treatments and screenings at Pardee Hospital.

More than 300 supporters attended the 2012 Women Helping Women Dinner on Thursday night or the 15th Annual Women Helping Women Luncheon Friday afternoon at Kenmure Country Club in Flat Rock. Two new Women of Hope were honored and will be added to the impactful Women of Hope portrait display at the Elizabeth Reilly Breast Center: Dana Carpenter and Jean Faulkner.

Dana Carpenter of Hendersonville is a retired financial planner who has been a survivor of colon cancer since 1989. Last year she suddenly discovered she had heart disease. She had a successful quadruple bypass and valve surgery but it was complicated when a cracked sternum caused by advanced osteoporosis required a second surgery. She praises her medical care at Pardee Hospital. Today Carpenter is well healed and living life to the fullest. She serves as a Deacon and leads the Newcomers Class at First Presbyterian Church, serves as the activities chairperson on Lake Pointe Landing’s Residents Council, takes Yoga classes and enjoys a full social life and travel. “I love life and I believe my challenge is to live as long and as well as I am able to. I love to be a blessing to others,” said Dana Carpenter.

Jean Faulkner, is a Hendersonville native who was born in Pardee Hospital and worked as an obstetrics nurse for more than 30 years. Despite having no risk factors, staying fit and playing tennis regularly, Faulkner was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago. She praises her team of Pardee physicians and Pardee Breast Care Navigator, Kristy Capps, for coordinating her breast cancer surgery and follow-up care. She is thankful for the support she received from her husband, family, friends and her church family at United Methodist Church during her journey back to health. “I was amazed at how many people embraced me. Women from my church that had breast cancer 30 years ago found me and embraced me,” Faulkner says. “Let other people help you. Don’t try to do it yourself. Stay positive and look on the bright side.”

Henderson County’s breast cancer rate was one of the state’s highest in 1998 when Women Helping Women was founded by a group of compassionate and concerned women. Working hand-in-hand with Pardee Hospital Foundation, they started Women Helping Women to raise funds for women who couldn’t afford to pay for breast cancer screenings and women’s health treatments.

Today the program has grown to include financial assistance to patients who are uninsured or underinsured and need health care for breast and other women’s cancers, heart disease, osteoporosis and other life-threatening illnesses. More than $1.6 million has been raised and nearly 1,000 patients have been helped. Henderson County now has one of the state’s highest breast cancer survival rates.



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Giving Tuesday

There’s Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and now charities are starting what they hope will become a national day for giving that will join the holiday lexicon: Giving Tuesday.

As of Monday morning, #GivingTuesday had 2,106 partners listed on the movement’s website, including corporations, nonprofits, schools and religious groups.

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The idea for the campaign sprung from Henry Timms, deputy executive director of the Jewish community center 92nd Street Y, and Kathy Calvin, CEO of the United Nations Foundation. Timms began thinking about the concept during the holidays last year, and the idea gained momentum this past spring.

“When 92Y’s Henry Timms called he explained the opportunity this way, ‘We have a day for giving thanks, two days for getting deals. Why shouldn’t there be a day for giving back?’” Calvin said.

She said the UN Foundation loved the idea.

“There are so many creative ways that people can volunteer and donate in today’s world of social media,” Calvin said. “A national day of giving back around the holiday shopping season just makes sense. It helps people everywhere make the most of their philanthropic side.”

The organizers, including public relations firm Fenton Communications, are asking partners who have the capability of collecting data to report how much they raise on Tuesday, how many people volunteered at an event, or other relevant information. They hope to report those figures Wednesday.

But will Giving Tuesday catch on, especially in light of the expected increase in retail holiday sales?

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Devin Hermanson, senior marketing director of relief organization World Vision, said he hopes so.

According to a phone survey by Harris Interactive and World Vision, 83 percent of Americans say they would prefer to receive a meaningful gift that would help someone else instead of a traditional gift like clothing or electronics.

However, the percentage of people willing to give a charitable gift as a present has fallen.

Last year, 51 percent of U.S. adults said they would be “more likely” to give a charitable gift as a holiday present. This year, that percentage dropped to 45 percent.

“Holiday shopping is treated like an Olympic event,” Hermanson said. He hopes the same attention will be paid to Giving Tuesday.

Click here to give to the Pardee Foundation.

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Healthy Horizons

Take a look at Pardee's newest edition of Healthy Horizons.  It includes stories about our cancer center, Pardee physicians and wellness opportunities.  You can view it online here.

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Pardee Foundation recognizes 2012 Health care Philanthropist

Beginning in 2004, Pardee Foundation has recognized philanthropy to Pardee Hospital, as well as other healthcare organizations, by recognizing one individual annually through the “Healthcare Philanthropist Award.”  The award exemplifies outstanding volunteerism and support of Pardee Hospital and Pardee Foundation, community involvement and philanthropic support and community leadership.  Through the recognition, the award nominee encourages others to support Pardee and the community through generous giving. At the June 30 event, Pardee Foundation recognized the generosity of Eleanora Meloun, a long-time Hendersonville resident. Mrs. Meloun came to Hendersonville in the 1950’s with her husband Chuck as he endeavored to expand and grow the General Electric business in this community.  They were later transferred to Pennsylvania and Chicago but returned to their Hendersonville home for good. A strong advocate for “our community hospital, Pardee,” Mrs. Meloun’s giving is often done anonymously. She has supported major projects at Pardee, along with other community organizations.  She volunteered for many years with Pardee’s Auxiliary and has been a life-long volunteer. From referring friends to Pardee physicians to hosting educational events for Pardee to actively managing her own good health through exercise and an always positive attitude, Eleanora is a staunch believer and supporter of health issues in our community. Myra Grant, retiring Executive Director of Pardee Foundation says, “Throughout my career at Pardee, Eleanora has always been supportive of my efforts and those of Pardee Hospital. As I leave Pardee I can only strive for the same spirit of community and enthusiasm for life as that shown by Mrs. Meloun.” The Boys Club also honored Mrs. Meloun as a “local hero”; the Community Foundation honored her with the Sauer Award. The award was presented by 2009 Healthcare Philanthropist, Dr. Phil Sellers. The June 30th donor event also honored the 16 years of service to Pardee for Myra Grant, retiring Executive Director of Pardee Foundation. The Board of Directors of Pardee Foundation established the Myra N. Grant Women’s Initiative Endowment to honor her work. This special fund will provide resources for women’s programs and services at Pardee Hospital. Earlier this year, Ms. Grant was honored by the Henderson County Chamber of Commerce with the Athena Award, an international award recognizing mentoring of women, leadership and community service.

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