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CEO Luncheon

[gallery link="file" order="DESC"] On Tuesday, August 31, the Pardee Hospital Foundation sponsored a special luncheon for loyal donors at Highland Lake Inn.  Kris Hoce, President/CEO of Pardee Hospital, presented “Navigating Change”, an explanation of how Pardee Hospital is positioned for the emerging changes of federal healthcare reform. The sold out crowd was eager to learn what aspects of healthcare reform will impact our community the most, as well as what they should expect as individuals receiving healthcare.  When asked about the future of The Free Clinics, Dr. Colin Thomas reported necessary services will continue, such as pharmacy and diabetes care, and he commended Pardee for the recent restructuring of its charity care policies to now include outpatient services.  “This is a great service for our low-income population.” Attendees were very appreciative for the comprehensive information and look forward to future educational events from the Foundation.

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