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Don't you just love surprises?

A grand surprise was given to Myra Grant on Friday, Jan. 21.  Unbeknownst to her, a small reception was planned in her honor to celebrate both her 15thanniversary at Pardee and the 15thanniversary of the Foundation.  Myra has been the one and only Executive Director of our Foundation, leading the way for volunteers and the community to raise over $25 million for projects, services and facilities at Pardee Hospital.  A special cake with the Foundation’s anniversary logo was shared with employees, friends and former board members who came to celebrate the day.  An original of a special commissioned pen and ink drawing by Carolyn Serrano from 1994 was presented to Myra as commemoration of her years of service to Pardee. Congratulations to Myra and the Foundation on their 15th anniversary!

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