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Pardee's new birth suite feels like home

After recently visiting the new birth suite in the Pardee Women & Children’s Center, I can honestly say that I forgot I was in a hospital. The décor is absolutely beautiful and looks more like someone's home or an upscale hotel. This newly renovated birth suite was designed for healthy, low risk mothers and babies. The suite is large enough to accommodate family involvement and support people. It is equipped with a full sized bed instead of a hospital bed, a garden tub, birth ball and stool. Each mother receives careful guidance from a certified lactation consultant in the first few hours after birth to breastfeed and bond with their newest family member. Best of all, a relaxing massage session is offered after delivery. The Pardee Women & Children’s Center is committed to facilitating exceptional birth experiences, providing personal attention and delivering the highest quality of care. Feel free to give them a call for a tour at (828) 696-4230. -AVS

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