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Words of thanks - Pardee Home Care

Pardee Home Care recently received thank you notes from pleased patients who benefited from their services.  Since these patients took the time to thank the staff of Pardee Home Care, we would like to take time to share their words of thanks with the readers of our blog. "I have just completed several weeks of home based rehab therapy following a back operation that had some accompanying complications. As a result of my operation and follow-up needs, I was provided access to several weeks of a home therapist. The home therapist assigned to me was Tim Brooks. Tim did a superb job. He showed a sincere interest in me and his visits and therapy sessions were beneficial and always professionally done. As a result, I showed significant improvement both physically and in attitude. There was a time following my hospital stay when things looked bleak and I had the feeling that recovery would not be complete. Tim's positive attitude helped me overcome my initial fears and doubts and as a result I looked forward to his visits and had the feeling that each visit was a worthwhile experience. Tim is a true professional. He is pleasant, efficient, and competent and I want to acknowledge the benefits I received from his therapy sessions and his caring attitude." - W. Gordon "I'm more than happy to send compliments to Pardee Home Care for the services they provided me. I was in considerable pain the first weekend, I spent the first couple of nights attempting to sleep in a chair since I found no comfort or rest in a bed. Calling Home Care on Saturday and again about 2 a.m. on Sunday, I found Jeff to be a great listener, patient, kind and helpful, even calling me back Sunday morning about 9 a.m. to find out if some of his suggestions had been helpful. They had, and I consider him to be the closest to an angel that I'll ever meet. The nurses, Becky, Debbie and Amy showed great concern over complications with circulation problems in my lower leg. I told Jennifer I considered her my inspiration because her upbeat attitude was infectious and she always demanded the best I could offer. Luke was more than helpful and is a natural for the position he holds. May he be with Pardee Home Care for many years. Janie and Sandra made my life so much easier as they showed me that everything is possible if you keep stretching a bit more everyday to make it happen." - B. Corden Pardee Home Care offers a full range of in-home services provided by registered nurses, rehab specialists, social workers and home health aids. To find out more about the services offered at Pardee Home Care call  (828) 692-1846.

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