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Pardee Hospital celebrates National Cancer Registrars Week

Pardee Hospital recognizes the dedication of our cancer registrar, Carol Burke, during the week of Apr. 9 – 13. "Much of what we know about cancer in the U.S., incidence, geographic distribution, age distribution, racial and ethnic disparities, treatment effects, and a million other things, we know because cancer registrars collect the data. With data we have truth; without it we just have opinions," said James E. Radford M.D., principal investigator for Pardee’s cancer clinical trials program. Cancer registrars are data information specialists that collect and code patient-level data for cancer registries. The registries provide essential information to health care providers and health officials to better monitor and improve cancer treatment, conduct research, and target cancer prevention and screening programs. Cancer registrars work in a variety of cancer treatment and research settings and manage a wide range of demographic and medical data on those with cancer. The information is submitted and utilized by state and national cancer registries to enable cancer programs to accurately determine cancer patient populations, measure outcomes of treatment and survival, and formulate plans for improvement. “Cancer Registrars are educated specifically about the management of cancer data. The accuracy of this information is paramount in ongoing cancer care and research. A Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) has the specialty training necessary to manage these statistics precisely and efficiently,” said Thomas L. Eisenhauer, M.D. “A new standard beginning Jan. 1, 2012, set forth by the Commission on Cancer requires that these numbers be abstracted by a CTR. Carol Burke performs her role as the tumor registrar efficiently and skillfully, and plays a very vital role in the Comprehensive Cancer program at Pardee.”

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