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Pardee Hospital provides 255 years experience on a surgical procedure

Pardee Hospital provided 255 years of combined surgical experience in the operating room to for a relatively new surgical procedure, a bilateral anterior approach for a hip replacement. “Bilateral anterior approach total hip replacement is a cutting edge procedure which in this case was performed by several people with over 20 years experience. Since the procedure was brought to the United States only about 5 years ago it is noteworthy that the personnel involved are not only staying current, but even a step ahead. Currently only 16 percent of hip replacements are done in this new way,” said Amal Das, M.D. The 255 years of experience was made up of by the 12 medical professional listed below. Dennis Sulo, CRNA, 34 years Sandy Henderson, scrub technician, 40 years Linda Ray, surgical nurse, 31 years Sarah Grant, x-ray technician, 28 years Caesar Acosta, CAN, 27 years Amal Das, orthopedic surgeon, 23 years Kyle Bailey, PA, 5 years Darlene Das, scrub technician, 16 years Jack Grant, Biomet representative, 4 years Andrea Hyatt, surgical nurse, 2 years

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