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A Pardee Hospital Joint Replacement Experience

To all the staff at Pardee's Joint Replacement Center: Blessings to Ann, Zoia, Terry, Richard, Sarah, Shelby, River, Crystal, Angela, Abigail and Brianna. If I have forgotten your name, or left anyone out, please forgive me and chalk it up to senility and old age! I would like to thank you all, for your wonderful care, during my stay there, for my hip replacement, by Dr. Das, on June 25. Each one of you, without exception, was so kind, considerate & helpful, that is is hard to put into words how much it meant to me & my family. Each one of you is to be commended for how well you do your jobs. Being a retired nurse, I just hated to ring my call bell, but when I needed to, it was answered almost immediately every time, and responded to, within minutes. And I mean, every time! And never did anyone ever cause me to feel badly for calling for help. Each of you went out of your way to assure me that you were there to serve me, help me & that you were glad to be of service to me. I felt that, folks, I really did! And that is a gift--a gift that God has given to each of you in your vocation: to have that caring & compassion, and truly have a servant's heart. When a person is so vulnerable, and in so much pain, away from home & familiar surroundings, scared at times, it makes it so much more bearable to be surrounded by a staff who is so efficient, and anxious to help in whatever way they can. When I needed a pain med. I mentioned I also needed to go to the bathroom and asked the R.N. to please send someone to help me. She just said that she was there & would be glad to take me. And she waited for me as well. I have just been so impressed with the quality of nursing care I was given by each one of you. Not just that, but the heart with which each of you cared for me. You each had such grace, such compassion, caring & kindness towards me, that I'm sure it helped me to improve hour by hour! The nights especially seemed long at times, but the night staff was wonderful in helping me to get comfy and to feel assured that "everything's going to be ok"! The food services staff was also the best. The food was very good, and we were just amazed that my husband was brought a tray too. And that celebration dinner was just awesome, even though I couldn't eat much of it, it was great! What a treat! One day, I couldn't eat what was brought so I asked for a turkey sandwich, & within 15 min. it was delivered to my room! Wow! Now, that is service! Thank you! Again, to each of you: thank you--thank you--thank you for taking such good care of me! You're the best! And I truly mean that! God bless each of you! Sandie & Vern Snively

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