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Letter from PATHS patient

Dear Management of Pardee in Hendersonville:

I am a patient in PATHS and I greatly desire to tell you how good my experience is here.

Thank you all for being the best hospital and staff in all of North Carolina, and possibly the nation!

Thank you for doctors who prescribed the correct medications for me and for being personable and treating me kindly as the human being I am. Thank you for the PATHS staff/RN’s (and ER Staff) who smile and do a wonderful job as well.

Thank you for letting me be here as I desired, because I know y’all are the best. Thank you for the materials and tips on how to re-think or retrain my mind, or providing solutions for my conditions. The psychologist, Dr. Johnson, provided a great tip that seems to be working for me so far (about the natural child, adaptive child, judgmental one, loving adult toward the adaptive child and the adult.) It’s great to learn to love myself!

Thank you for diligently-working social workers.

Thank you for treating us as humans and adults by letting us do our own laundry, getting our own linens and towels, and trusting us to shave ourselves, and so forth. It helps.

Thank you for excellent food and allowing us each to order for ourselves.

Thank you for allowing us caffeinated beverages and nicotine patches. It greatly helps.

Thank you for what I may not have mentioned. There are many reasons to say thank you. I just thank you for being waaay above the rest.


A Pardee Patient

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