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Trees, Paper and Being Green

Today, I got to hear a seminar called "The Green Side of Printing." Paper is not seen as a very environmentally friendly industry, but  I learned differently today.  The paper industry has taken giant steps to being green. Since 1990, they have decreased their carbon footprint by using 90% less chemicals and water, 80% less paper waste, 90% less solvents which has led to 95% less damage to the environment.  For every tree they cut down, they plant anywhere from 2 - 4 trees to replace it.  One paper company even bought part of a Brazilian rain forest that had been destroyed just to replant and restore it. There are more trees today in the US than there was 100 years ago.  Even with all these good things the paper companies do, illegal logging and mismanagement of forests are still occurring throughout the world.   Each year mainly because of the demand for cheap paper. The US government passed a law in May 2008 that bans the sale or trade of ALL illegally harvested wood and forest products domestic or foreign. Within the last year we have stepped up our efforts to be enviromentaly friendly here at Pardee.  You may have seen our PardeeGreen logo on the website or printed materials.  In the majority of our printed pieces, we use a paper that is a 100% recycled and manufacted using biogas energy. This paper is FSC certified, meaning the paper we use can be traced back to the forest where the trees were cut and to know that our paper was not from illegally harvested trees. Their goal is to protect endangered forests and the indigenous people and animals that live in those forests. This is one of our small changes for the enviroment.  Next time you see one of our pieces, look for the PardeeGreen and the FSC logos.   kj

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