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Pardee offers Centering Pregnancy, prenatal care in groups

Pardee is offering women the option to participate in a new type of prenatal care called Centering Pregnancy, funded by a community grant from the March of Dimes. Centering Pregnancy features prenatal care provided in a group of six to ten women whose babies are due around the same time. Centering has been promoted by the March of Dimes as a healthier way to provide prenatal care. Women enter the groups after their new OB physical exam, usually between 12-22 weeks. New groups form every other month. Special groups are available for young moms (under 22 years of age) and Spanish-speaking women. Each group session has an overall plan. Meetings start with a short, individual checkup that will include measuring growth, listening to the baby’s heart, assessing for problems and a blood pressure check. Interactive discussions are held about typical problems in pregnancy and how to cope with them. Nutrition, exercise, signs of prematurity and preventing postpartum depression are common topics of discussion. Refreshments are provided. Research shows that Centering Pregnancy has very high satisfaction rates and improved outcomes. For information about how to sign up for Centering Pregnancy, or to find a physician or midwife, call 1-866-790-WELL (9355).

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