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Dr. Radford "puckers up" for a good cause

[gallery link="file" order="DESC"] The Relay for Life team at Hendersonville Hemotology & Oncology used their physician's to creatively help raise money for the American Cancer Society's Relay coming up at the end of May. The fundraiser was set up by having buckets with each of their physician's names on them, and the doctor with the most money in their bucket at the end of the fundraiser would have to the kiss a cow brought in by one of their patients' local cow farms, Three Arrows Cattle Company, out of Flat Rock.  The idea for the fundraiser came from Dr. John K. Hill, II who finished dead last in the competition, something he was actually excited about. Dr. William D. Medina and Dr. James Radford went back and forth throughout the competition and finally Dr. Radford came out the winner by a little over $66. The lucky lady was Molly, a calf born in February, her mom, Maria, was originally the cow Dr. Radford was going to kiss, but she was scared off by his lipstick he applied prior to puckering up. Molly gladly stepped in and took a sweet kiss on her nose from Dr. Radford with his pinkish red lipstick in front of a small crowd of family, patients, and staff of the Hendersonville Hemotology & Oncology office. Dr. Radford was happy to be a part of a good cause and Molly was delighted to get off the farm for a few hours and some extra attention. -L

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