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Pardee Psychiatric and Medical Detoxification Expand Services

On Sept. 1, Pardee Hospital’s Psychiatric and Medical Detoxification units will expand into one comprehensive unit inside the hospital.  As a result of this expansion, the patients who struggle with mental illness and/or substance dependence will benefit from the structured group setting in which the existence of the group is a key force in the outcome of treatment. “This comprehensive unit will allow patients to take advantage of the combined skills of the psychiatric and medical detox staff,” said Pat Ashe, chief nursing officer. The expanded services will be recognized as PATHS at Pardee (Psychiatric Addictions Therapeutic Healing Services).  In addition to the formation of this new unit, Pardee psychiatric and medical detoxification is expanding to include Outpatient Psychiatric Services.  This will be a specialty clinic focused primarily on the psychiatric and substance abuse needs of patients referred by their primary care physicians. Referrals for outpatient clinic services can be made by calling (828) 694-4545.  PATHS referrals can be made by calling (828) 696-4250.  Referrals can be made by mental health providers, physicians, nurse practitioners or emergency departments.

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