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"I can't thank them enough." :: Diabetes Clinic

We received the message below this morning. We are very proud of the work we do at Pardee and messages like this make all the difference, thanks Ed! "I want to thank Pardee for establishing the Diabetes Clinic and Wellness Center. You may have saved my life. Miss Nina and Miss Nancy really care for and educate their patients, Miss Emily and others in the Wellness Center are the most competent and caring trainers that I have ever seen. I have been in other "gyms". I can't thank them enough. I only wish that diabetes education could be taken to folks before they develop symptoms. I work with the Hwy. Dept. and we have safety classes and I'm going to try to figure a way to bring the "diabetes message" to our employees. I know several of Pardee's retired doctors and they are fine people as well as doctors. Thank GOD for Pardee Hospital and its employees! I was born here and have lived here or 68 years and I do not take you for granted. We are very fortunate to have you." Sincerely, Ed Ingle

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Pardee Urgent Care invests in state-of-the-art digital x-ray technology

Pardee Urgent Care has invested in state-of-the-art digital x-ray technology.  This will help enhance the quality of patient care and provide diagnoses in the shortest amount of time possible. The new system uses digital technology, rather than film, to capture patient x-ray images, providing many advantages for both patients and the facility.  Studies have shown that digital x-rays, versus film x-rays, can provide better detection of illnesses and injuries.  This is achieved by the ability to capture high-quality images that can be further enhanced through magnification, contrast adjustment and other digital tools that provide a more refined image for doctors to make their diagnosis. In addition, the technology offers a number of other benefits like shorter wait times for patients as well as greatly reducing the number of times a patient may be called back for additional x-rays.  The images will also be available for immediate viewing, so if further x-rays were necessary, it could be done during that same visit. Pardee Urgent Care staffs a physician on-site at all times to assure that your minor emergencies are addressed with the highest quality of care. These physicians have the ability to diagnose patients’ medical urgencies promptly and refer to specialists if necessary.  Appointments are not required to be seen at Pardee Urgent Care.  Online appointment scheduling is also available for patients to make appointments in advance and after normal business hours.

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"...never change this caring atmosphere."

These comments are from an email sent to us dated January 30th: "January 30, 2011 Mr. Jerry Maier, President/CEO Recently, I had the pleasure of being a patient in both your Urgent Care on Four Seasons Boulevard, Emergency Room, and the Outpatient lab. Quite frankly, it was the best hospital experience I have ever had. The people were professional, qualified, and friendly. Now, I would like to expand on each experience. First the Urgent Care Center is very organized and efficient. I found it to be a very comfortable, and staffed by a very friendly staff. All concerned took the extra time to explain the treatment plan. Second the Emergency Room, I can’t say enough about there excellent treatment of me. The doctor, who trained in Los Angles, the Registered Nurses, who were excellent, and the support staff were absolutely fabulous. My family couldn’t get over the fact that someone offered beverages while they were waiting. Third, the Outpatient lab and admitting area is worth it’s weight in gold. I will never forget Vickie and Danielle. These two women are not only professional, but extremely friendly. Then the lab personal were able to find my veins, even though they are almost impossible to find. Hey found my veins with no pain which I appreciated very much. I would like to finish with a huge thank you to your wonderful staff. I hope you realize how special a staff you have, and try to never change this caring atmosphere. Thank You Very Much, Edward  T."

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"Delivering at Pardee was one of the best moments of my life..."

A local Pardee Nurse-Midwifery patient wrote to share her experience delivering in the birth suite at the Pardee Women and Children's Center... "Delivering in the tub in the birth suite at Pardee was one of the best moments of my life.  It was so rewarding and so different from my other two births with an epidural.  I didn’t know I could control the pain like I did.  I felt so in control and powerful.  I did it! I got everything I wanted at Pardee.  The baby even breastfed so much better after her birth.  Friends came to the hospital to visit me and said, “Wow!  I love this birth room."  It was a great experience."

Amber N.

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"...thank all Pardee personnel..."

"My wife, had day surgery at Pardee on Wednesday, January 12th. Due to problems after the surgery, she was then admitted to the hospital and assigned a room on 2-West. I would like to thank all Pardee personnel, both in Day Surgery and on 2-West, who participated in her care. We were extremely impressed with the quality of care she received and with the professionalism and caring attitude of all of the medical staff. This is especially true of the the nursing staff, who were, to a person, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and caring. We were truly impressed with each and every one of them and with Pardee in general." Sincerely, R. Flat Rock, NC

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