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What is PardeeGreen anyway?

Pardee is a charter member of Practice Greenhealth.  Practice Greenhealth is a nonprofit organization founded on the principals of positive environmental stewardship.  As a member of Practice Greenhealth, we are committed to the virtual elimination of mercury, overall waste reductions, minimizing the use of toxic substances and the design, construction and operation of healthcare facilities that significantly improve the collective impact of human and environmental health. The other aspect of this initiative is evident in all of our decision making  for the hospital. After all, we consider ourselves the community's hospital, so whenever we print marketing pieces they are FSC certified 100% recycled. We recycle cans, bottles, internal papers and pretty much everything else that we can get our hands on. If you have any recommendations or ideas, let us know. We have some interesting projects in the works, stay tuned. -R

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