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Pardee now offers cardiac scans with advanced 64 slice low dose scanner

Pardee has a new 64 slice LightSpeed® VCT XT configured system from GE Healthcare which delivers high quality images of the brain and heart with improved resolution and a lowered radiation dose. “The addition of the GE LightSpeed VCT XT configured system complements and extends the range of quality diagnostic services that Pardee offers the community,” said Edna Mulenex, director of radiology at Pardee. “This scanner provides us with vastly improved image quality and imaging speed, and allows us to scan patients with less radiation dose while still delivering excellent image quality. Some patients present special challenges when undergoing CT testing. Now, even those who thought CT was inaccessible can be easily imaged and diagnosed,” Mulenex added. CT exams are used when people are ill or injured, or when a physician suspects a medical problem that is not easily detectable from a conventional physical examination. The GE LightSpeed VCT XT configured system non-invasively assists physicians in the diagnosis of a variety of anatomical areas. Coronary CT angiograms can help non-invasively determine whether fatty deposits or calcium deposits have built up in the coronary arteries and significant narrowing of the major coronary arteries. Calcium-scoring screening heart scans can also be performed to detect calcium deposits found in atherosclerotic plaque in the coronary arteries. The calcium-score heart scan can be used to evaluate risk for future coronary artery disease.

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