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Pardee Urgent Care invests in state-of-the-art digital x-ray technology

Pardee Urgent Care has invested in state-of-the-art digital x-ray technology.  This will help enhance the quality of patient care and provide diagnoses in the shortest amount of time possible. The new system uses digital technology, rather than film, to capture patient x-ray images, providing many advantages for both patients and the facility.  Studies have shown that digital x-rays, versus film x-rays, can provide better detection of illnesses and injuries.  This is achieved by the ability to capture high-quality images that can be further enhanced through magnification, contrast adjustment and other digital tools that provide a more refined image for doctors to make their diagnosis. In addition, the technology offers a number of other benefits like shorter wait times for patients as well as greatly reducing the number of times a patient may be called back for additional x-rays.  The images will also be available for immediate viewing, so if further x-rays were necessary, it could be done during that same visit. Pardee Urgent Care staffs a physician on-site at all times to assure that your minor emergencies are addressed with the highest quality of care. These physicians have the ability to diagnose patients’ medical urgencies promptly and refer to specialists if necessary.  Appointments are not required to be seen at Pardee Urgent Care.  Online appointment scheduling is also available for patients to make appointments in advance and after normal business hours.

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