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"I can't thank them enough." :: Diabetes Clinic

We received the message below this morning. We are very proud of the work we do at Pardee and messages like this make all the difference, thanks Ed! "I want to thank Pardee for establishing the Diabetes Clinic and Wellness Center. You may have saved my life. Miss Nina and Miss Nancy really care for and educate their patients, Miss Emily and others in the Wellness Center are the most competent and caring trainers that I have ever seen. I have been in other "gyms". I can't thank them enough. I only wish that diabetes education could be taken to folks before they develop symptoms. I work with the Hwy. Dept. and we have safety classes and I'm going to try to figure a way to bring the "diabetes message" to our employees. I know several of Pardee's retired doctors and they are fine people as well as doctors. Thank GOD for Pardee Hospital and its employees! I was born here and have lived here or 68 years and I do not take you for granted. We are very fortunate to have you." Sincerely, Ed Ingle

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