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Prenatal care takes an innovative twist

Barbara Davenport, a certified nurse-midwife with Pardee Nurse-Midwifery,  wrote an article about Centering Pregnancy, a new model of prenatal care in groups.  The article, in it's entirety, can be viewed by clicking on Times News, Be Our Guest column.  It was 1ed in the newspaper today.  The following is an excerpt.
Centering Pregnancy is a model of prenatal care in groups that is changing the way people think about obstetrical care.  The model has three components: health care assessment, education, and support. It’s provided in a group facilitated by a credentialed healthcare provider and a co-facilitator.  Instead of traditional visits one-to-one with a physician or midwife, a small group of pregnant women and their provider come together on a regular basis for their prenatal visit in a group setting. Women enter centering groups after three months of pregnancy, when initial lab tests and pelvic exams have been completed.  By the time they are ready to deliver, they know everyone in their group like old friends.  Many times they continue to get together even after their babies are born. "Pregnant women wonder if the changes going on in their body are normal and want information about how to stay healthy.  It’s hard to address everything in the typical fifteen minute appointment.  Women also need to connect with other women going through pregnancy, to learn from each other," says Vicki Fleury, MSN, CNM, and co-facilitator of the groups. “Centering is the perfect place to do that since we have two hours together each month."

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