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Area firefighters join Pardee in the Lighten Up 4 Life Challenge

[gallery link="file" columns="2"] Today marks the start of the new 2010/11 Lighten Up 4 Life Weight Loss Challenge. Firefighters from across Western North Carolina joined 57 other organizations in the county, including Pardee Hospital, in leading the way. Volunteer and full time firefighters are taking on the challenge to live healthier lives. These professionals often work long and erratic shifts with interrupted sleep which can make living a healthy lifestyle challenging.  Because firefighters know the importance of staying in shape and eating healthier, departments across the mountains have decided to join the Lighten Up 4 Life Challenge this fall. To join and sign up go to www.lightenup4life.com/pardee. Since its beginning in 2008, Lighten Up 4 Life has empowered thousands of people in Western North Carolina to lose more than 58,000 pounds. Some Lighten Up 4 Life participants have lost up to 125 pounds. In addition to Pardee, other hospitals in the region participating are the Mission Health System, including Mission Hospital in Asheville, Blue Ridge Regional Hospital in Spruce Pine and McDowell Hospital in Marion. You can follow Lighten Up 4 Life on Facebook and Twitter. The first weigh-in date for the new season is Sept. 6. For more information on Lighten Up 4 Life contact Pardee representative Jill Geis at (828) 692-7754. -CJP

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