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Peter Mangone M.D., pioneers arthroscopic lateral ankle ligament reconstruction

Peter Mangone, M.D., with Blue Ridge Bone and Joint in Hendersonville, has been recognized as a pioneer in arthroscopic lateral ankle ligament reconstruction.  This comes after the acceptance of a manuscript he co-authored entitled ‘Arthroscopic Lateral Ankle Ligament Reconstruction’ that will be featured in Techniques in Foot and Ankle Surgery later this year. Mangone began his research in 2007.  “I knew there had been great advancements in arthroscopic techniques for instability over the last twenty years in other joints such as the shoulder and the knee.  I felt it was time to start bringing those concepts to the world of foot and ankle surgery,” said Mangone. Dr. Mangone has also announced his partnership with Jorge Acevedo M.D., of West Palm Beach, Florida, to further develop this technique.  Together, they plan to start hands-on training of this advanced arthroscopic technique to other surgeons in the United States as well as internationally later this year.

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