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Daisy Award Winners

Congratulations to all the nurses who have won the Daisy Award over the past twelve months.  This award is a great honor.   Thank you for all that you give to your patients, their families, and above all to Pardee Hospital. The nurses are from left to right: Heather Funk     November 2010 (2-West) April M.   June 2010 (PATHS) Jane Nelson      April 2010 (ICU) Jill H.        October 2010 (PATHS) Wendy Bradley  July 2010 (Pardee Women and Children’s Center) Jeanette Burrell  December 2010 (2-West) Sherrin Nolle      February 2011 (1-West) Kristy Capps     August 2010 (Elizabeth Reilly Breast Center) Jean Rice          March 2011 (Day Surgery) Paula Oates      September 2010 (Day Surgery) Paula Walz       May 2010  (2-West) David Crist       January 2011 (2-West)

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