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Here comes the Holidays

Remember to enter your weight every Monday at Submit Your Weight And remind your friends that it’s never too late to Sign Up Here Come the Holidays. Are You Ready? From Halloween through New Year’s Day, we are continually tempted by cookies, candy and holiday parties. And we are fearful that we will gain weight. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Statistics show that most Americans tend to gain from 1 pound to 10 pounds over the holiday stretch, and even those of us with strong willpower can be tested. Plus with all the holiday demands and the urge to stay inside because of winter weather, most people don’t take the time to exercise. So, inactivity increases at the same time calorie intake rises, setting you up for an increase in weight. But, fear not, it’s possible to maintain your weight and to eat healthfully through the holidays. Here’s some advice from WebMd that can hopefully help you prepare for the holidays! Practice Mindful Eating
  • “Be conscious of what you eat and how much”, says Karmeen Kulkarni, MS,RD, BC-ADM, CDE, president of health care and education for the American Diabetes Association. “Allow yourself some special treats on the holidays but have moderate servings”
  • Be realistic, this is not the best time for weight loss. Try to maintain, not gain.
  • Always look for opportunities to move. For example, take a brisk walk whenever you get a few minutes; stand up and move around while you’re on the phone call; and walk to a co-worker’s desk instead of emailing them.
Manage Stress and Emotions
  • One way to keep stress is to ask for help. Example: Host a potluck holiday meal instead of cooking dinner. Or serve it buffet style instead of having a sit-down meal.
  • Learn to say “no,” to activities and food that aren’t in your best interest.
  • At social events, don’t fill silence with food. “Many people will eat and drink any beverage because they don’t know what to say or how to act,” says Roger A. Clemens, DrPH. Instead, he recommends making an effort to really get to know people, beyond superficial small talk: “When we do that, we actually have the tendency to eat less,” he says.
  • Another way to deal with emotions is to make sure exercise remains a priority in your life. Remember, exercise can be a great stress reliever.
Plan in Advance
  • Eat a little before you go to a holiday gathering; hunger can undo the best intentions.
  • Also, avoid sources of temptation whenever you can, says Bethany Thayer, RD. After visiting a buffet, leave the room that’s filled with food. If there are sweets in the office break room, don’t go there.
  • If you’re traveling for the holidays, pick up some healthy, portable snacks at the grocery store before you leave so you’re less likely to be tempted by unhealthy options.
  • Think about what really matters during this busy time of year, and plan accordingly. “Figure out what you absolutely have to do, because there always are some obligations,” says Janet R. Laubgross, PhD, a clinical psychologist. Then let go of the rest.
  • Also, schedule a brisk walk or hike after a holiday party or meal. “Five minutes of exercise is better than 20 minutes of nothing,” says Janet R. Laubgross, PhD, a clinical psychologist.
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