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Don't Miss Our First Spirit of Women Seminar of 2015 "Connect - Digestive Health"

Did you know that digestive diseases affect about 70 million Americans?

At Pardee's Connect: Digestive Health Seminar you will learn about some of these digestive diseases, and what you can do to prevent them.


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Healthy Holidays to All

LU4L Final


Pardee Signature Care and Lighten Up 4 Life are here to help you make healthy decisions this holiday season. Maureen, with LightenUp4Life, how can we get through the holidays without gaining weight?

Maintain, don't gain this Holiday Season. What does this mean? And how? Not to worry, Lighten Up 4 Life is here to help you. We have tips, skills to share and ideas that can help you steer through the holidays without adding on extra pounds.

  1. Challenge yourself to maintain your weight this season. Don't let the holidays rule you; you're in charge!
  2. Plan ahead. Choose your recipes ahead of time, create a shopping list, and don't be tempted to purchase those delicious holiday cookies in the checkout lane. The more you plan, the better prepared you will be to say no to tempting treats. I've shared some of my favorite recipes on the LightenUp4LIfe Pinterest Page.
  3. Don't forget to exercise. By squeezing in 30-minute workouts each week, you shouldn't have to worry about squeezing into your jeans after the holidays are over.
  4. And this is important, don't forget to laugh a little along the way. When the cookies burn, Aunt Minnie's gravy turns lumpy, and your cat just ate all the tinsel on the tree, just remember, you still have much to be thankful for this holiday season.


Sarah, with Pardee Signature Care Center, how do we control emotions and save on 'mindlessly eating' those extra calories?

As part of the Maintain Don't Gain Holiday Season, it's important to remember that during this time we may experience an overabundance of emotions. We love the decorations, the food and the warmth of close friends and family. However, the season takes on a different outlook when we feel like we are being pulled in a million directions. We may worry because our house we cleaned for 5 hours is now becoming a mess, our family is in a heated discussion, and the children are screaming in the background. Yes. We are overjoyed on the outside, but sometimes we can have a flood of emotions washing over us internally. When you're stressed, tired and emotional, it's easy to overeat. How can we get through the holiday season without consuming those extra calories.

  1. Take a break. By taking a 5-minute break, you can focus on breathing, and focused breathing can reduce blood pressure and anxiety.
  2. Don't sweat the small stuff. So what if your living room did not get painted before your family arrived. Focus on the important things. I loved what Maureen said earlier about taking time to laugh at the small worries that seem to consume us and focus on what really matters.
  3. Avoid mindless eating. Mindless eating happens when we intend on eating a handful of chips, we get busy, and then we turn to the bag and realize more than half of the chips in the bag are gone. Avoid falling in to this trap by drinking plenty of water and being aware of your portions. Instead of laying the chip bag on the counter, remove the amount that is listed on the serving size. This way, you can track your calories, and snack guilt free.

Remember, Lighten Up 4 Life and Pardee Signature Care is here to help you through the holidays by helping you find a healthy balance between eating, exercise and stress reduction. As we said above, we love to laugh, so please share stories with us on your holiday mishaps, and some helpful things you learned along the way to stay healthy through the holidays.


Our first LightenUp4Life Challenge is coming up in January, so grab some friends and register today. Our free online tools and newsletters can teach you how to make healthier choices for you and your family.

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Today is World Diabetes Day

Help Pardee raise awareness about diabetes by wearing blue today!



Our guest blog for November comes from our Coordinator for the Perspectives Diabetes Self-Management Education Program at Pardee: 

This awareness day was created in 1991 by the World Health Organization and the International Diabetes Federation to bring attention to the rising rate of diabetes worldwide, and to keep the issues and concerns of people living and dealing with diabetes in the spotlight. The theme for World Diabetes Day is "Healthy Living and Diabetes."

November 14 was the celebration date chosen, in memory of the birthday of Frederick Banting, one of the pioneers in insulin research, and of his discovery of insulin in 1921. Today, more than 382 million people worldwide have diabetes. The United States ranks 3rd in the world for number of people with diabetes – only India and China surpass us.

Nina Lovern, BSN, RN-BC, CDE



Are you at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes? Take our free virtual screening to find out.

Want to learn more about diabetes? Check out Pardee's Perspectives Diabetes Self-Management Education Program.

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Lighten Up 4 Life Health Tips

Did you know that, on average, Americans consume nearly 100 pounds of sugar and sweeteners each year? That's 30 teaspoons every day. As the number one source of calories in the American diet, soda and sweetened fruit drinks alone represent half of our sugar intake. Here are some simple and effective ways you can cut back on sugar consumption:


Swap soda for sparking water and add lemon or lime to flavor. Replacing just one 12-oz soda each day will save you 10 teaspoons of sugar.

When cooking or baking, replace sugar with spices to add flavor and zest.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with healthier options like fruit, low-sugar cereal, or yogurt with fresh fruit.

Replace ketchup with salsa whenever you can. Ketchup contains about 4 grams of sugar per teaspoon; salsa typically contains no sugar.

Skip those granola bars — most contain 11-16 grams of sugar each. Instead, choose veggies and hummus for a quick energy boost.

What are your favorite sugar swaps? Tell us here.


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Lighten Up 4 Life kicks off new challenge


Welcome to the new Lighten Up 4 Life 2014 Challenge!

LU4L Final

Whether you're new to the challenge or have participated before, we're glad you're here. For this challenge, our focus is working together to build a healthier community.

We want to hear why you want to Lighten Up 4 Life. Is it for a special event or to meet a personal goal? Leave a comment and tell us why.

To help you and your team get started on this wellness journey, schedule your free Lighten Up 4 Life Screening today!

Lighten Up For Life Screening - Free for Lighten Up For Life participants, $10 for all others

Screening of height, weight, blood pressure, body fat percentage and waist, arm and thigh measurements. Program registration available at screening. Make your appointment for any time during normal business hours. Appointment required by calling (828) 692-4600.



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