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Mindful eating for the holiday season

Be sure to tune into Health Talk on WTZQ AM 1600 this morning at 10:02 a.m. I will be talking to Cheryl G. Tuttle, MHS, RD, CSO, LDN,  about mindful eating during the holiday season.  She shared the additional information below:
During the winter months it is easy to turn to comfort foods that may not be the best for our health or waistline. Excessive fat and sugar can sneak its way in into your diet from the candies, baked goods and other winter holiday foods that are so commonly available at home and in the workplace during the season. Those extra calories can eventually add up to undesired weight gain. For someone wanting to lose weight, that weight gain can be detrimental to feeling successful with weight loss goals. However, it is not too late to consider a few general tips that might help you make it through the holidays without regrets.
1. Be cautious of buffets and appetizers, remember every bite counts
2. Be mindful of liquid calories, they count too
3. Watch the portions, stick to small plates and one helping
4. Do not skip meals, going hungry does not help
5. Search out fruits and vegetables, for example: berries, pears, citrus, greens
6. Stay hydrated with simple water
7. Plan ahead and pre-pack healthy foods while on the go
8. Eat breakfast
9. Find ways to stay active
10. Do not set yourself up for failure, stick to a goal to maintain weight and allow for some treats in your daily meal planning
Thanks Cheryl, for those great tips.

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