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Lighten Up 4 Life

Remember it’s never too late to sign up Lighten Up 4 Life’s Fall Challenge. Sign Up Now How to Burn Calories Faster Now that you’ve made the commitment to lose weight and get healthier, we’re here to help you burn those calories faster! Did you know that people with more muscle and less fat generally have a faster metabolic rate, while people with more fat and less muscle generally have a slower metabolic rate? So, that means you have to increase your muscle to fat ratio in order to increase your metabolic rate. And, you guessed it that means you have to exercise! But, before we talk about exercise, let’s find out what “metabolism” means? According to WebMd, "Metabolism" refers to your body's systems for using or converting energy. This includes breathing, digestion, the building of muscle, and the storage of fat, circulation of blood -- anything that's part of your body's systems for converting energy into an activity you need to live.” Now we’re ready to help you burn more calories, faster! Here are a number of ways to increase muscle in order to increase your metabolism to burn more calories:
  • Build muscle with this FREE basic strength video – this video will not only increase your muscle but will sculpt your body as well!
Click here for this muscle building workout.
  • Step-by-Step Weight Training Guide from Mayo Clinic that walks you through a multitude of strength-training exercises that will build muscle the right way. Click here for this strength-training routine.
More metabolism building advice: Do strength-training at least three times per week, do cardio exercise for 45-60 minutes a day at a moderate pace, eat a healthy, lower calorie diet, but don’t eat less than 1,200 calories per day or you are likely to wind up with a slower metabolic rate, which can make it more difficult to burn calories and lose weight. To learn more about exercise, check out Lighten Up 4 Life’s Exercise Page Pink October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month Here’s a list of local Pink October events in our area:
  • Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K Walk, Saturday October 15 10 a.m. Pack Square Park, Asheville. $25. Benefits the American Cancer Society. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Peggy Crowe at 254-6931.
  • Christian Women of Asheville Walkathon to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Saturday October 15 Noon - 4 p.m. at Carrier Park. More informationAnd don’t forget to get a mammogram, detection saves lives. Contact  Elizabeth Reilly Breast Center - Pardee Hospital at (828) 698-7334
Other Local Events Race to Remember 5k Run/Walk & 10K Saturday October 15 Hendersonville, NC More info Thomas Wolfe 8k Saturday October 22 Asheville, NC More info Lighten Up 4 Life WebMd Recipes Chicken Francese Fajita Burgers Cuban-Style Black Beans Pork Roast with Spicy Maple Glaze Mocha Mousse You’ll find these recipes and more on the Lighten Up 4 Life Recipe’s Page Click here to Share Your Recipes on Lighten Up 4 Life’s Facebook Page Lighten Up 4 Life Cooking Video Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes from Ellie Krieger Find this cooking video and recipe on the Lighten Up 4 Life Recipe’s Page
Don’t forget to check out the great offers that you receive with your Lighten Up 4 Life Perks Card Lighten Up 4 Life’s next 16-week challenge begins September 5 and runs through December 16, 2011. It’s never too late, you can register at anytime.

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