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Lighten Up 4 Life

Remember it’s never too late to sign-up & if you’re already registered, it’s never too late to come back! Sign Up Now How To Stay Motivated – Even When You Want To Quit! Have you had a bad day or a bad week? You’ve eaten too much and you didn’t exercise? Sound familiar? Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated each and every day and never mess up, especially when the scale doesn’t seem to move in the right direction…. Here are some simple tips from Tricia Kelly, exercise specialist, Mission Health:
  • Make the commitment-it’s a decision that you make every day; keep a journal to encourage yourself, write a contract to yourself, write up your personal list of reasons for exercising, keep them handy and look over them when you feel like quitting
  • Set goals to work towards; think small, attainable goals; and make them measureable so you know when you reach them
  • Make it possible by preparing ahead of time; pack your gym bags; set out your snacks the night before; plan the day to include exercise
  • Foster discipline-make it a habit; create a ritual for yourself for starting your workout; have a regular set day and time; be honest with yourself about what hinders you and take steps to address it
  • Be flexible-allow yourself some leeway; don’t have an “all or nothing” attitude-you will just end up frustrated and quitting; have a back-up plan
  • Have fun with your routine-make it an enjoyable time (or as much as it can be); find an exercise buddy, find an activity that you like; use music that stimulates you; reward yourself with something other than food!
Don’t  Forget: Stay Accountable To Yourself & Your Team! Here are some wonderful tools to help you stay motivated and accountable. Click here for WebMd’s Food & Fitness Journal, by logging your food and exercise daily, you can stay on top of how many calories you’ve consumed as well as how many you’ve burned. And Click here for great calorie counters. Lighten Up 4 Life’s Recommended Exercise Video 10 Pound Slimdown : Yoga For this slim down video and to learn more about exercise, click here Lighten Up 4 Life’s Exercise Page Lighten Up 4 Life Recommended Recipes Tomato and Bean Burritos, Asian Burgers with Ginger-Lemon Mayonnaise, Chicken Parmesan Pizza, Light Filet of Fish Sandwich, and Chocolate Truffle Bars You’ll find these recipes and more on the Lighten Up 4 Life Recipe’s Page Click here to Share Your Recipes on Lighten Up 4 Life’s Facebook Page
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