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Pardee Health Education Center offers Lean, Mean, Thinking Machine

Lean, Mean, Thinking Machine is a free seminar about integrating exercise into a weekly routine for mind and body health that will be held on Thurs., April 26, from 12:30- 2 p.m. at the Pardee Health Education Center, located in the Blue Ridge Mall. “Before modern conveniences and distractions, we were so much more active as a society. Now, we have to make a dedication to the effort of getting and staying healthy. You are living in the only body you’ll ever get. Attending this lecture will give you the motivational jump-start you need to start exercising and reaping the benefits—results start immediately,” said instructor Emily Van Eman, Pardee Rehab and Wellness’ Medical Wellness Coordinator. Exercise not only tones muscles, lowers blood pressure, and causes better sleep, but it’s also the number one way to improve cognition and learning skills. This lecture and interactive lesson will help get over the “I know I need to but I don’t have time” hurdle. These important tips and tutorials will also help attendees learn how to rearrange their schedule toward fitness and happiness. Although this program is free, registration is required by calling 1-866-790-WELL (9355).

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