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  • Medical Minute: Orthopedics

  • All About Your Heart

    Joel Tipton, MA, RCEP, coordinator of Pardee’s Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program, discusses heart health at February’s Diabetes Support Group meeting at the Pardee  Health Education Center. This presentation entitled “About Your Heart”, will include information about maintaining a healthy heart along with diabetes management. He will also discuss services that are offered through the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program.

  • Advances in Reflux Relief

    Lachlan Noyes, M.D., with WNC Surgical Associates, discusses acid reflux, how it effects us and the latest treatments that are available at Pardee Hospital.

  • Radio Rounds, Breast Center

    We are excited to bring a new health care experience to radio and podcasts with a brand new show, Radio Rounds.  George Henry from WTZQ AM 1600 is on the road visiting Pardee Hospital doctors and facilities.  Learning about what state of the art services are available at Pardee.  The show is recorded in an NPR type format and will also be available in the form of a television show on BRCC-tv.

  • Shoulder Pain From A Physician’s Perspective

    Suzanne Hall, M.D., with Appalachian Orthopaedics, discusses shoulder pain at the Pardee Health Education Center. This presentations entitled “Shoulder Pain From A Physician’s Perspective” teaches you what the signs of trouble are when it comes to shoulder pain as well as treatments including arthroscopic surgery, total shoulder and reverse shoulder replacements.