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Frequently Asked Questions for Physicians

Frequently Asked Questions for Physicians

Does the Integrated Spine Center at Pardee only contract with Pardee Hospital medical care providers?

The Spine Center does not have contracts with any specific providers. We have a network of spine specialists to whom we refer patients. Each of these specialists has his/her own individual practice.

We refer patients to medical care providers who have the required credentials and licenses to treat patients.

Do you take Medicare and Medicaid patients?

Yes. The Spine Center provides free services including: the initial patient interview, review of your patient's records, treatment recommendations, education materials, coordination of your patient's care, and communication with you regarding your patient's care and treatment results. However, if the patient is evaluated and examined by the nurse practitioner spine navigator in the clinic, he/she will be billed accordingly.

It is the patient's responsibility to contact their insurance company and verify coverage for treatments prior to any appointments.

How long does it take to get an appointment for my patient? What if it is an emergent case?

The nurse practitioner spine navigator in conjunction with one of the spine specialist physicians reviews the patient's information within one business day of receiving his/her complete information (medical history, films, etc.). Based on this information the patient can be seen emergently (same day), urgently (within 24 hours), expedited (within 72 hours) or routine (within one week).

How are you able to get my patient an appointment with a spine specialist so much faster than through our own direct referral process?

Our service is set up so our nurse practitioner spine navigator can provide an impression and treatment plan shortly after receiving all of your patient's pertinent medical background. The nurse practitioner spine navigator has access to spine specialists who assist in this process and have openings on their schedule reserved for patients from the Spine Center.

What percentage of patients sent to the Spine Center have spine surgery?

As we are a new service line, we are actively collecting this data and hope to have it available soon. Traditionally, however, only 10-20 percent of patients come to surgery.

How do I keep track of my patient's diagnosis, treatment and progress once I have referred him/her to the Spine Center?

Our nurse practitioner spine navigator will send you the report of the initial impression and treatment recommendations.

If your patient is going to have an appointment with a surgeon, physical therapist, neurologist or pain management physician, we notify you by letter once an appointment date is scheduled.

At this point, the providing practitioner (therapist, interventionalist, etc.) is responsible for keeping you informed of your patient's progress.

Does my staff need to order imaging and send it to the Spine Center?

No. Although it is not required to have completed imaging prior to referral, it is very helpful as it will expedite your patient's care.

Once we have the imaging and medical history from your patient, one of our spine specialists will begin evaluating the patient's medical history.

If you do not have completed imaging for your patient and the Spine Center has your referral, we can work with you and your patient to order imaging or track down existing imaging.

How much will it cost me to use the Spine Center? How much will it cost my patient?

There are no our-of-pocket costs to you or your patient to use the services provided by the Spine Center.

We are committed to serving our community by helping spinal patients get treatment faster.