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Dr. Jablecki on Preventive Screenings and Concussions


Men's Health Champion: Dr. Donaldson


We engaged some Men's Health Champions to talk about men's health in a language we all can understand.

Men are known to be more indifferent towards their health, especially when compared to the efforts of women, who proactively and publicly address their health issues in a way not traditionally seen with men. As a result, today the levels of awareness, understanding and funding for support of men's health issues, lag significantly behind women's causes such as breast cancer.

The reasons for the unfortunate state of men's health is primarily due to a lack of awareness. This can largely be attributed to the reluctance of men openly discussing the subject due to longstanding traditions, coupled with an "it'll be alright" mentality. Men are less likely to schedule medical appointments when they feel sick. The same goes for an annual physicals, colonoscopies, and other screening thereby denying them the chance of early detection and effective treatment of common diseases.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment go to PardeeSelect.org for more information on finding a physician.



MPHC Urgent Care

The Mission Pardee Health Campus Urgent Care is now open. 

Visit us at 2695 Hendersonville Road, beside the Ingles.



Clyde Program

Sometimes surgery can be a little scary no matter the procedure. At Pardee we have a special program for our little folks. If your child is going to have surgery, you can register for a special orientation to help make the experience more familiar. Introducing Clyde.....:)
To register for this program call 696-4290




Women Helping Women 2013


Since 1998, Women Helping Women campaigns have raised more than $1.6 million for equipment, facility renovations, screenings and health-care services for women.  In 2012, Pardee Hospital Foundation's Women Helping Women campaign raised $135,000 to add to the on-going Women Helping Women fund for financial assistance for uninsured women for their healthcare needs at Pardee Hospital.

Nearly 1,000 women have received financial assistance from Women Helping Women funds since 1998. 



Women's Health Testimonial - Amanda


Women's Health Testimonial - Joanna


Women's Health Testimonial - Kristy


WLOS features Comprehensive Wound Healing Center at Pardee

WLOS' Victoria Dunkle visits the Comprehensive Wound Healing Center at Pardee to see how they are using Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers to increase patient healing rates.


Welcome to The Orchards Cafe at Pardee

The Pardee Hospital Orchards Cafe has service areas which include a full service grill, offering fresh, hot and cold sandwich specials as well as additional healthy options. There is also a special cook-to-order international menu selection offered on a regular basis. The Orchards has a pleasant, modern atmosphere is now available to the public. For our daily menu call 828-696-3023.


WLOS features Pardee Urgent Care

WLOS recently visited with Dr. Jablonski and his local church to learn more about how they used eye equipment donated by Pardee Urgent Care to screen and treat glaucoma patients during a mission trip to Honduras.


Dr. Medina Retirement

WLOS visits Hendersonville Hematology and Oncology at Pardee to wish Dr. Medina best wishes as he retires after many years of service to our community.


Women Helping Women

Henderson County's breast cancer rate was one of the state's highest in 1998 when Women Helping Women was founded by a group of compassionate and concerned women. Working hand-in-hand with Pardee Hospital Foundation, they started Women Helping Women to raise funds for women who couldn't afford to pay for breast cancer screenings and women's health treatments.

Today the program has grown to include financial assistance to patients who are uninsured or underinsured and need health care for breast and other women's cancers, heart disease, osteoporosis and other life-threatening illnesses. More than $1.6 million has been raised and nearly 1,000 patients have been helped. Henderson County now has one of the state's highest breast cancer survival rates.


Footsteps to Fitness

Footsteps to Fitness is a walking program to keep members of the community active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Participants will keep a log of their walking minutes throughout the year while enjoying various prize incentives. Participants at any fitness level are welcome to join and can walk anywhere they choose.

Enrollment fee is five dollars for the full year and includes a log book. Participants must register in person at the Pardee Health Education Center.


Rob Wood's Hip Replacement Story

Rob Wood shares his hip replacement experience at the Pardee's Orthopedic Center of Excellence. Hear Rob's story and learn more about our award winning orthopedic services.



PardeeSelect, features hand-picked, providers who are experts in the field and dedicated to keeping you well.


Pardee becomes first Stroke Capable Hospital

WLOS feature Health Alert, Pardee Hospital has been designated as the first and only Stroke Capable Hospital in Henderson County by the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services.


Dr.Timmerman Interview

George Henry, WTZQ radio personality and host of Radio Rounds, interviews Dr. Daniel Timmerman about Pardee Hospital's Day Surgery and what patients can expect going in for a procedure.


Dr. Eisenhauer Interview

George Henry, WTZQ radio personality and host of Radio Rounds, interviews Dr. Thomas Eisenhauer about Pardee Hospital's Day Surgery and what patients can expect going in for a procedure.