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Published on May 01, 2017

A Day in the Life of a Pardee Nurse

Melissa, a day surgery nurse, started working at Pardee in August of 1998; that’s almost 20 years ago! She moved to Western North Carolina from Florida. When she got to town, she was unfamiliar with the area and the local health care economy. Regardless, she knew that she wanted to be in Hendersonville, so she let her compass steer her to Pardee. On her first day she never could have imagined what an awesome and fulfilling journey she was about to embark on.

Melissa really loves the "home" feel of Pardee, just like the wonderful town that surrounds it. She is passionate about giving great bedside care while the patient is in day surgery. At Pardee she has had the opportunity to sit on the Physician Peer Review committee for the last six years. She notes how much the physicians really care at Pardee about the patients that choose to come to them. Not only that, but she has been very impressed with how much the physicians respect their nurses, trust their nurses, and are generally invested in making their colleagues and hospital a better place to work and receive care.

Melissa left day surgery for six years to work behind a desk in quality services, but her love for patient care finally brought her back. Melissa loves that every day she comes to work she can tap into her passion for patient care. She loves knowing that each time she walks into a patient’s room, whether it’s to get them ready for their surgery or to provide post-op care, she has the unique opportunity to make a lasting difference for someone. She can listen to their fears without judgment, comfort their family members that may be worried, and genuinely make their experience as positive as possible. When she is at work she feels like she is part of an awesome, caring tribe of nurses that truly make a difference in patient’s lives every day. She says that the nurses at Pardee not only support the patients, but they also support each other (and have some fun while they do it).

Looking forward, Melissa notes that she is happy where she is, but takes comfort in the fact that if she ever decides to change her path there will be a position available for her somewhere in the organization. Pardee is a growing organization, and she is excited to see how Pardee grows and how she can grow with it. We need more nurses like Melissa!

This is a photo of Melissa, a nurse at Pardee