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Pam in Central Sterile

Careers Profile: Central Sterile at Pardee

Pam originally started working in Central Sterile 12 years ago, after a friend who worked in the industry told her how incredibly fulfilling and exciting it was. Perhaps it is a step too far to say that she has enjoyed EVERY single day, but she sure seems to love her job in the most enviable sort of way. Walking into Central Sterile for the first time can be a little intimidating. Visitors have to don a sterile suit before entering, and everything is unbelievably organized and clean.

However, once you meet some of the kind, welcoming folks who do all the very hard and important work of this department, you can see why Pam has stayed for so long. Gazing beyond the rows of advanced sterilization equipment you can see the heart of Central Sterile, a smiling team working together to ensure the safety of everyone who walks through Pardee’s doors. Central Sterile's work takes place behind the scenes, tucked away in the heart of the hospital, and their work could not be more critical to the patient success that has become the standard at Pardee. The Central Sterile department serves Pardee Hospital and all of Pardee’s off-site doctor’s offices. They are responsible for the cleaning, maintenance, and sterilization of every single instrument that is involved in sterile procedures.

To meet the many rigid requirements necessary for this department, the Central Sterile team is made up of folks with a love for process, an attention to detail, and a strong desire to make a real difference in people’s lives. This describes Pam to a “t”. Pam loves that her job makes a very significant impact on so many lives, many of which are her neighbors and friends. She loves knowing that her work has such a positive impact on all of Pardee and its patients. She thrives on keeping busy and having a rigid set of procedures to follow. Ask her about it, and she will eagerly show you the seemingly endless steps they go through to ensure patient safety. Over the years, Pam has had offers to take her talents elsewhere, but she has emphatically refused, insisting on making her career here at Pardee. She attributes her Pardee loyalty to her love for working in her hometown with her community. She has also enjoyed seeing how Pardee has continued to progress into an outstanding healthcare system, buoyed by their relationship with UNC.

If you ask Pam about her favorite part of her day, she will tell you with a smile that she loves coming in each morning and knowing that, because of her hard work, all the providers have everything they need to ensure that their patients have the best possible outcome. 

Currently, Pardee is in need of more qualified applicants to work in Central Sterile. Below is a link to our careers page. If you can relate to Pam and want to find out more about what it means to work in Central Sterile at Pardee then we would encourage you to apply or contact Candace Shuler at

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