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Published on October 01, 2017

An Open Letter to the Community

Pardee UNC Health Care has been asked by many in our community to comment on or engage in the current impasse between Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC and Mission Health. We have chosen to remain neutral on this matter, believing that both parties are reasonable, respected entities who can and will eventually reach an agreement.

We value our relationships with both Blue Cross Blue Shield and Mission Health. We know them to be fair and sensible and we strongly believe it is important for both parties to sit down and work this out, allowing patients to stay with their physician or provider of choice.

No one wants to leave their doctor to find a new one and very few of us enjoy doing so as a result of a disagreement completely out of our control. At Pardee, we believe patients should have access to care, close to home. For those currently under the care of Mission Health, we understand their desire to keep their current relationships and avoid a move.

Unfortunately, negotiations between Blue Cross Blue Shield and Mission Health appear to be at a stand still. Until the matter can be resolved, patients will be forced to seek care where their insurance is accepted, pay higher portions of their bills, or find a new insurance plan other than Blue Cross Blue Shield. None are optimal choices, but this is the reality as of October 5th.

Pardee will see new patients because of this situation, but not as a result of opportunistic marketing efforts on our behalf. We anticipate an uptick in Blue Cross Blue Shield patients visiting our urgent care centers and physician practices during this time of transition.

We also understand and expect that these folks may want to return to their current care providers once Blue Cross Blue Shield and Mission Health finally sort this out. When that time comes, we will quickly and efficiently share patient healthcare records with their original Mission Health providers.

Pardee is here for our region and community during this time of uncertainty. We continue to remain optimistic that a resolution will be reached between Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC and Mission Health.


James M. Kirby, II

President and CEO

Pardee UNC Health Care