Published on April 09, 2021

Pardee UNC Health Care Announces Increased COVID-19 Vaccine Supply, Appointment Availability

Officials note that the best way to reach herd immunity is through vaccines.


Pardee UNC Health Care is pleased to announce an increased supply of COVID-19 vaccinations and appointment availability. With a recent shipment of additional Pfizer vaccines, Pardee has increased appointment availability at their vaccine clinic on the campus of Blue Ridge Community College.  Individuals age 16 and over are encouraged to book an appointment online via or by calling 828-694-8222. 

Pardee officials encourage those who are eligible – which is nearly anyone age 16 or older – to consider getting the vaccine and be a part of the effort to reach herd immunity. “We have so much to be optimistic about,” said David Ellis, MD, chief medical officer, Pardee UNC Health Care, “but we should also remain intently focused on getting our community fully vaccinated so that we can return to a sense of normalcy.” Dr. Ellis also echoes what the CDC and NC DHHS officials are saying about vaccines: “the best vaccine to get is the one that is currently available to you.” 

According to Dr. Chris Parsons, medical director for Pardee’s Center for Infectious Diseases, “there are two paths to reaching herd immunity with COVID-19: vaccines and infections.” Dr. Parsons notes that approximately 70% of the population would need to be immune to the coronavirus to achieve herd immunity. “With ongoing vaccination efforts combined with natural exposure to the virus, there is a chance of approaching this figure later in 2021. But this will depend on how many and how quickly people receive vaccines, and whether new variants emerge for which vaccinations are less effective. We have a greater chance of achieving herd immunity if more people are vaccinated more quickly.”

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