Published on May 25, 2021

Transylvania Patients Suffering a Heart Attack Able to Receive Care at Pardee UNC Health Care in Hendersonville

Pardee designated a PCI Capable Hospital for Brevard, Transylvania County residents by NC EMS Medical Director


Patients suffering a heart attack in Transylvania County now have another option for quality 24/7 ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) care. Pardee UNC Health Care has been designated a Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) Hospital for both Henderson and Transylvania Counties by the North Carolina EMS Medical Director. STEMI is a heart attack caused by clots in one or more of the patient's coronary arteries. A PCI Hospital is equipped with personnel, infrastructure and expertise to diagnose and treat patients who require intensive medical care, specialized tests, or interventional therapies. Pardee is one of only two hospitals in western North Carolina able to provide this level of care.

            “Patients in Transylvania County now have another option for advanced, life-saving cardiac treatment so vital in the initial period after a heart attack,” said Dr. Joseph Moore, interventional cardiologist with Pardee UNC Health Care. “The first 90 minutes are critical; we are constantly working to improve our processes to shorten the time needed to reopen blocked arteries. This designation is an expression of confidence in our program's ability to deliver outstanding cardiac care."

            “Transylvania County EMS is excited to be adding Pardee Hospital as a partner to expand options for our residents,” said Jaime Laughter, County Manager, Transylvania County.  “We know that seconds can matter for our patients suffering a heart attack and heart catheterization is not available in our county.  The faster we can get patients to care and the more resources we have to meet their needs, the better we serve Transylvania County.”

            Pardee most recently received designation as a PCI Capable Hospital for Henderson County in February 2021. Henderson County EMS worked with Pardee to obtain this designation, ensuring that patients in Henderson County could be transported directly to Pardee – the closest facility for STEMI care for that county.  With the additional approval from the NC Office of Emergency Management Services, Transylvania County EMS can also transport patients to Pardee if that is the closest location for critical cardiac care.

            Pardee has been operating an interventional cardiac catherization laboratory, with medical and technical staff necessary to perform the full spectrum of life-saving interventional procedures, including minimally invasive PCIs, and placement of stents. The STEMI designation formally recognizes the collection of personnel, including interventional cardiologists Drs. Joseph Moore and Umberto Fontana, and procedures Pardee's Emergency Department has in place to handle these most serious heart attacks, further enhancing the continuum of cardiac care available 24 hours a day at the hospital. That continuum begins in the field with paramedics responding to a 911 call, evaluating the patient's cardiac status and recognizing a STEMI in the filed which prompts transmission of the EKG that allows for a confirmation of a STEMI diagnosis and a treatment plan to be put in place while the ambulance is en route, so the appropriate clinical team is already standing by when the patient comes through the door.

           Pardee UNC Health Care is a not-for-profit community hospital founded in 1953 and is managed by UNC Health Care. The hospital is licensed for 222 acute care beds. Pardee has several locations separate from the main campus, including a comprehensive physician practice network, a cancer center, four urgent care locations and six orthopedic clinics. For more information or to find a physician, visit

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