Additional Quality Measures

Physician services

We routinely measure the quality of care provided by our physicians. The standards for each physician depend on his or her area of practice. Measurement examples include:

  • Patient satisfaction

  • Length of stay

  • Compliance with evidence-based practice core measures

  • Complications of care

Information about a physician's education, training and licenses are regularly monitored and must meet certain criteria for them to continue to provide services within the hospital. Allied health practitioners, nurse anesthetists and nurse practitioners are also reviewed routinely.

Performance improvement

The function of the Quality Services Department is to assess and improve performance, producing the best quality, safety and outcomes for our patients. The department accomplishes this by:

  • Identifying key characteristics that affect quality care and patient satisfaction

  • Developing valid and reliable instruments for measuring quality services

  • Conducting audits and evaluations of patient care

  • Analyzing trends and making recommendations for process improvement

  • Providing data to support hospital management's strategic and operational decision-making

  • Facilitating process improvement teams

  • Monitoring internal and external requirements of a Medicare hospital

  • Providing feedback to departments related to audit findings

  • Developing and controlling hospital policies and procedures

Board of directors

Our board of directors is actively engaged in the quality and safety of the care provided at Pardee. On a monthly basis, our board reviews reports of how Pardee compares to other hospitals of our size. The board has also adopted action plans to ensure that improvement measures are put in place in areas not meeting national benchmarks.


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