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  • Our Bariatric Team

Our Bariatric Team

"We are devoted to leading our patients to success and happier, healthier lives."

At Pardee UNC Health Care, our medical experts can help you overcome this complex disease through an integrated and customized approach that includes lifestyle education, nutritional and psychological counseling, exercise training, and the most advanced and tested weight loss surgery options available. Most importantly, we offer committed and lifelong support to guide you through this incredible journey.

A customized weight loss plan is developed for each of our patients, where every team member gives input based on their education, experience, and training, as well as your individual needs. We are devoted to creating an environment that encourages a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, constructive psychological training, and good nutrition. Our commitment to evidence-based and leading-edge surgery, integrated and customized care, and life-long maintenance and support is what sets us apart, leading our patients to success and enjoy healthier and happier lives.

Dr. Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards, MD, FACS,

is a board-certified general surgeon and the medical director of Pardee Bariatrics and Weight Loss. Dr. Edwards has performed nearly 2,000 bariatric procedures since 2006 and has practiced in Western North Carolina for more than ten years. He has served as the medical director for dozens of surgeon training courses nationwide for bariatric and minimally invasive surgery, and his work has been published in many peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Edwards treats and cares for his patients as he would his own family, and aims to provide the highest quality, most expedient care possible.

Dr. Chris Edwards

Amelia Martin, PA-C

is a certified Physician Assistant who specializes in bariatrics and weight loss. Amelia provides all aspects of bariatric care, including pre, intra, and post-operative needs. She develops customized care plans for her patients, and enjoys working alongside them throughout their bariatrics and weight loss journey. Amelia has enjoyed collaborating and working with Dr. Edwards for the past three years.

Amanda Cichy

Megan Greathouse, RD, LDN

is a Registered Dietitian who deeply understands the important role that diet plays in a bariatric patient’s success. She guides each patient through their nutritional needs and lifestyle changes. Megan is available throughout a patient’s journey to answer any dietary and nutritional questions or concerns.

Amanda Cichy

Gayle Pabon

is a Financial Counselor with over 20 years of experience handling insurance and financing for bariatric patients. She takes pride in delivering the most accurate and timely information to them, and strives to give sound recommendations and solutions to any financial or insurance barriers that may arise.

Amanda Cichy

Rhonda Crosby

is a Certified Medical Assistant. Rhonda assists the bariatrics program with a variety of needs and answers questions for patients or potential candidates who call into the practice. She also gathers a patient’s health information and establishes their patient profile.