Cancer Registry

Current cancer statistics are crucial for successful cancer research and patient care. In most states, hospitals are required, by law, to submit data about their patients with cancer. That is why if you are treated for cancer at Pardee Cancer Center, our Cancer Registry program will collect and submit some of your health information to state and national databases.

Patient Privacy and the Information We Collect

For your privacy, we do not include your name or other information linked specifically to you. In fact, we keep information used to identify you strictly confidential, as mandated by the State of North Carolina and the bylaws of Pardee Hospital. We also comply with HIPAA regulations.

We collect and submit the following information to state and national databases:

  • Your family history
  • Your social history
  • Your occupational history
  • The location of your tumor
  • The cell type of your tumor
  • Your stage at the time of diagnosis
  • The treatment you received
  • Your current prognosis

Who Uses the Data?

We submit data on an annual basis to the National Cancer Data Base (NCDB) and on a quarterly basis to the North Carolina Central Cancer Registry. Other hospitals throughout the country also submit this information so researchers have complete, accurate data to work with in determining incidence and mortality rates, as well as in planning clinical trials and other research.

Lifetime Follow-up With Cancer Survivors

Our Cancer Registry is also responsible for your lifetime follow-up. If you are in our cancer patient database, someone from our team will follow up with you once a year for the rest of your life. They may:

  • Review your electronic medical record
  • Send a letter to your physician or another hospital

We are required to have current follow-ups on at least 90 percent of our patients. This information helps statisticians determine how long patients live with certain stages of cancer and serves as a reminder for your physicians to schedule check-ups on a routine basis. We hope that by collecting and submitting this information, we can aid in research to find a cure for cancer.

Contact Us

If you have questions or would like more information about our Cancer Registry, call 828-696-1341.

Outstanding Achievement Award

In 2012, 2009 and 2006, The Commission on Cancer gave Pardee Hospital the Outstanding Achievement Award 

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