MRI Caring Suite

What is the MRI Caring Suite?

Our MRI Caring Suite is an ideal option for patients who suffer with claustrophobia, anxiety and stress. The suite allows an individual to personalize their MRI experience so you can feel comfortable and relaxed during your scan. Customization options include:

  • A 70-inch high-definition video display mounted on the ceiling above the MRI table, so you can watch calming videos or your favorite movie while outside the MRI bore
  • Surround-sound speakers so patients can listen to the music of their choice or a variety of soothing sounds during the scan
  • An array of colored LED lights to illuminate the room for a more peaceful atmosphere
  • Feet First or Head First Advantage For Claustrophobic Patients
  • Silent scanning technology for a quieter, more relaxing experience

Additionally, the wide-bore MRI machine, which has a wider opening than traditional MRI machines, can accommodate up to 500 pounds.