Medication Management Clinic

The Pardee Hospital Pharmacy Medication Management Clinic is committed to helping you improve your quality of life through our medication management programs. These programs help you self-manage your medications and healthcare plan and ensure that your medications are working for you and that they are safe for you to take. We want to help you reach your health-care goals.

Our clinical pharmacists work closely with your primary care and specialist providers to optimize the medications that they prescribe. We are experts in medications and can answer any questions you may have about your medication therapy.

Current Services Offered: Antithrombotic Management Service (Blood Thinners)

Normally, blood flows through our arteries and veins smoothly and efficiently but if a clot, also known as a thrombus, blocks the smooth flow of blood, the result can be serious and even cause death. Diseases arising from clots in blood vessels include heart attack and stroke, among others. There are an array of medications that can be used to prevent and treat clots, known as antithrombotic medications. The most common are warfarin, Eliquis®, Xarelto®, and Savaysa®. Our antithrombotic management service works with your whole health-care team to manage your blood thinner by:

  • Checking necessary labs associated with your blood thinner (sometimes as a finger stick with a fast result)
  • Checking for drug interactions with your blood thinner
  • Helping with the cost of your blood thinner
  • Adjusting your blood thinner as needed
  • Teaching you how to safely manage your blood thinner at home, in between visits with the pharmacist

Referral Process for the Pharmacy Medication Management Clinic

After you are diagnosed with a condition by a provider, if you are then prescribed a medication for that condition, if applicable that provider can send a referral to Pardee Hospital Pharmacy Medication Management Clinic. If you are interested in medication management services and your provider does not mention it as an option, you can ask that provider to contact the program manager at 828-694-7650. Currently, we are only offering the antithrombotic management service, but plan to offer additional medication management services in the future.

Location and Instructions

We are located within the Medical Office Building at 709 North Justice Street. Enter through the main doors, then visit the first door on the right labeled “Pharmacy Medication Management.”

Aubrie Rafferty

Clinical Pharmacist

Aubrie Rafferty, Pharm.D., BCPS

For more information, call the Pardee Hospital Medication Management Clinic at 828-694-7650

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